It’s Time To Have A Nice Scarf


Undoubtedly, scarves are the must have winter fashion accessory and celebs are nowadays seen wearing chic scarves on fashion streets, airport, red carpet, everywhere. When the temperature drops it only makes sense to throw a scarf on, yet so many women and men do themselves a disservice by either forgetting their neckwear, or putting on a threadbare scarf that barely keeps the cold out, and detracts from their outfit. Winter scarves are warm and comfortable and also add a touch of flair to any ensemble.


It’s a fact that in winter people usually wear dark clothes like black, dark blue, brown or gray and scarves are one of those statement accessories that can fully transform a dull look into something exciting. Not only do they add a pop and color, they inject instant glamor to a basic outfit. These fashionable layering pieces look effortless when paired with coats, jackets and other winter outwear.


There are many different kinds of scarf according to the material. Here are 5 kinds as example. Every scarf fills a different role and need:

Wool Scarf: A great workhorse scarf for the cold weather, there’s no situation where this scarf doesn’t fit in.

Cotton Scarf: The perfect autumn scarf, the cotton scarf can really liven up an outfit.

Knit Scarf: A clunky offering that’s best for lazy Sunday walks or as an accessory for a Boho chic outfit.

Silk Scarf: Great for nights out, for watching regattas, or other situations where being warm isn’t as important as looking good.

Keffiyeh: A difficult choice that’s best left to the hipsters.

The scarf is a combination of form and function, but finding one that works for you needs a bit of forethought. Is this something for a cold day at the office, or a breezy night out? Does wool scratch and bite at your neck, or do you love the feel of good soft cashmere?


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