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With the current economy, a steady increase in demand for people’s lives more and more on domestic demand for cars will continue to rise in the next 10 years, while the automotive market will drive the development of car accessories, maintenance and other related industries. Especially by private consumption, the main passenger car market will grow especially fast, but a small number of manufacturers of auto parts production conditions due to limited and motivated, pay attention to product quality, so that a large number of low-quality aftermarket accessories into the market , causing serious damage to the user or even disaster. The interests of the auto market there is a huge space, a growing number of unscrupulous traders to join in, so fake and shoddy products popular in the auto parts market.

So be sure to purchase cute car accessories focus on its quality, can not map to save money to buy substandard goods, should ask for product certification or credit cards and other anti-counterfeit labels, so as to avoid greater losses!

Auto parts exposed in the sales process issues:
Many taxi drivers 1 car running costs into account, tend to choose non-working industry;
2 Many repair shop in order to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, but also tend to choose cheaper products;
3, the owner of a number of economy cars, because the car itself does not cost much, so not wish to invest in the parts too much money;
4 and partly because buyers can not determine the authenticity of spare parts, misuse purchased fake products.

A Security point of view: the combination of legal and anti-counterfeiting technology.
Combating fraud, and continuously improve and perfect the law, strengthen law enforcement is fundamental. Whether the cheap car accessories manuals, certificates, including in particular the parts on the make and registration of trademarks, to guide the user maintenance and installation considerations, in the absence these are mostly fake and shoddy products. Consumers should ask for product certification or credit card, so as to avoid greater losses, producers should pay attention to the use of better anti-counterfeiting technology, so fake no place to hide!
II Security query methods: telephone inquiry, SMS queries, website

C Technical principle: high-tech anti-counterfeiting materials and patented combination of anti-counterfeiting technology
According to different functions can be used alone security, a separate anti-FALSIFYING, can also be integrated to solve security and anti-changing products. Assigned to each commodity only, do not repeat the “identity card.” And the additional material in a particular security and security technology, by recording product names, and other information to facilitate sales to resolve security issues and anti-Cuanhuo.
Consumers to buy products after the toll-free 400 phone, SMS, site verification of the security code. Return voice messages from the system to facilitate the identification or text message the authenticity of products, and sales area.
IV Anti-flow security Cuanhuo

V Security benefits:
1) effective in preventing, combating illegal cool car accessories counterfeiting.
2) enhance the corporate image and brand to protect the lives and safety of consumers.
3) The real effective access to consumer information, geographical distribution, establish reasonable sales program.
4) The effective management of R & D center, and trace the source of changing products to reduce inferior products.
Six Security case

Case Description: The exclusive query mode (security phone, SMS number exclusive.) With security coating, scratch coating, you can use SMS, phone, website, etc. security check, to achieve effective security.
Maintaining the company’s product brand and consumer trust, greatly reduce the cost of the security crackdown. Each tag has a unique security code, and only the right query once.
The company did not use anti-channeling system, our company according to customer’s special requirements to be set.
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  1. Mentioned accessories are good to install in your car and preventing your cars from cheap accessories. Benefits mentioned here is really useful while installing car accessories. Thanks for awaring such device.

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