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Being cool is normally subjective. Being cool doesn’t cost you a lot of money, just a little creativity and some interesting pieces. If you own any of these items, you’re really cool.

1. Coak Star Key Finder Mouse

Coak Star Key Finder Mouse just a whistle to find keys, put it’s tail through the keys, just whistle when you need find keys, the mouse will make sound “beep beep beep” and eyes flash. Press the back of the mouse, it’s eyes will be light as be a night light.

2. LightBulb Door Handle

LightBulb door handle concept, designed by Jeong-Sun Park, promises to safely guide you to your door during an emergency or when you simply have to go to the bathroom at night. Forget stumbling around in the dark looking for a door knob when you’re half asleep and really gotta go. The Knob Light LED lightbulb door handle concept lights your way in the dark so you don’t have any unfortunate accidents… like falling down the stairs. The idea is especially great for guiding overnight guests who aren’t used to your house’s layout.

3. Lumadot LED Umbrella

This umbrella is one of our favorite things. For starters, like all good umbrellas should, it keeps you out of the rain. But what this umbrella does (besides keeping you dry) is pretty awesome. With the flick of a switch, it is transformed from a boring black umbrella to a black umbrella with glowing blue raindrops all over it. Flick the switch further and those raindrops will blink! It’s deliciously geeky (what geek doesn’t like LEDs?) but it’s also pretty, which makes it a great gift for the lady in your life. Stay dry, stay safe, and look cool doing it.

4. iPhone Cushion

What A cute Cushion! Cute as a button, the adorable iCushion is the perfect seat for your iPhone. It gives you a great viewing angle while watching videos and keeps your earphone cable and USB charging cord neatly organized. It’s made from silicone and features a suction cup to that iPhone from slipping. Totally Want!

5. Solar Power Fountain

Solar pool fountains are pools that rely on the sun’s energy for warming up the water. In today’s world it’s getting harder and harder to find energy sources that can be inexpensive and not harmful to the environment. The best solution to this problem is solar energy. Solar energy does not cost anything, as long as the sun shines there can be plenty of energy.

One of the most important features of solar pool fountains is that they have a system that traps the sun’s energy and then stores the energy harnessed for later use. This means that you can still enjoy the sun’s energy during the night.

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