Youpin Yeelight Ceiling Fan with Light Review


The overall appearance of Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light is white and consists of two parts, the base and the main body of the fan. Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light has a 12-inch 8-pin fan blade, which cuts the air more finely, has a strong air supply capacity, and the wind is soft, just like natural wind. Built-in Japanese Nidce DC brushless motor, tough and durable, strong wind power, quiet operation.

Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light also supports clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, which can be switched at will, clockwise rotation can blow out a cool breeze, and counterclockwise rotation will become an air conditioner assistant, which can promote air circulation in the room. 3 Windshield is adjustable, supports timing, delay, and off settings, up to 12 hours. Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light is equipped with remote control, which can directly switch the function of the fan.

Yeelight’s lighting quality is Yeelight’s traditional strengths. It has high Ra95 color rendering index, no video flicker, integrated power drive, and RG0 level without blue light. The maximum luminous flux is 2200lm, and it supports 2700k-6500k color temperature stepless adjustment, so that the chromaticity and brightness of the light can be adjusted as you want. High-quality lighting, as well as a moonlight mode with ultra-low brightness.

When the power is off, Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light can still realize intelligent control such as voice and remote. This is an innovative technology initiated by Yeelight to ensure that the smart light is always online.

Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light also has rich linkage functions. In addition to the remote control, you can also connect to the Mijia APP and operate through your mobile phone. Youpin Yeelight ceiling fan with light also adds the function of connecting to Xiaomi bracelet, when the bracelet detects When the user has fallen asleep, it will adjust to the sleep mode in conjunction with the fan light to create a more comfortable sleeping environment for the user.

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