CMOS Is the Best Choice For High-Resolution IP Camera


In today’s video surveillance market, digital and high definition of the IP Camera market has gradually become the protagonist. Almost exclusively in less than 5 years from the original analog network camera to stand out in the sea, leading the new magnificent blueprint for the video surveillance market. Currently, megapixel high-resolution IP Camera usually used CMOS technology as image sensors. There is a widespread industry bias that: CMOS technology as well as its lack of room for improvement, such as illumination and signal to noise ratio processing.

IP Camera

Let us ignore the merits of CMOS and CCD, as part of the industry manufacturers constantly trying to improve the resolution of analog lines to the camera 580 lines, 600 lines, when compressed by the encoder or the DVR is still only the triple post, four hundred thousand pixels around pixels in order to enhance the upward has become increasingly difficult, not only cost, analog signal interface through the BNC (CVBS) transmission images can only achieve this effect, therefore, difficult to achieve an analog CCD camera megapixel-class high-resolution monitor. And progressive scan CMOS camera can effectively avoid the movement of camera images interlaced mode burnt and tear and other issues, the picture is more delicate and moving.

Such as the use of 500 million pixel 1/2.5 inch high-resolution progressive scan image sensor to achieve 720P, 1080P high resolution, with 500 million pixels, as millions of pixels (two million pixels) of the signal source to do post-processing, the resulting effect must be the source of millions of pixels can not match. Based on this, together with high-quality algorithms and advanced filtering techniques to IP cameras with superior image quality.

For users concerned about issues such as CMOS illumination and noise, on the one hand, as the maker of the continuous improvement of international CMOS, CMOS results will be closer to CCD, and CMOS prices are far lower than the CCD; the other hand, high-resolution Webcam R & D manufacturers are using a variety of technological innovations.

Such as the use of broadcast-3A in the control of imaging technology, with auto-iris lens, automatic control of multi-level sub-exposure, gain and white balance, image quality can achieve broadcast quality results. In addition, the engineering business through the point selection bits, external fill light of these techniques can greatly reduce the effect of environment on the image.

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