Viltrox EF-M2

Viltrox EF-M2 automatic defocusing ring evaluation

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The time to market for this EF-M2 adapter ring is estimated to be in the second half of 2017 at a market price of ¥1200. The competing metabones are ¥4700 and the kipon is ¥2500. The price advantage is great. The overall work is good, metal bayonet, gold-plated copper contacts, lens transparent, USB port can be upgraded firmware, the overall look is no different from competing products.


Some time ago there was a bug in the firmware (I have a new firmware after two days of feedback). If the body is using EM1 or EM1ii, then you need to download the latest firmware 2.3 (2018.4) on the official website to auto focus. The performance of autofocus is similar to that of a large 43 SLR lens. All are single-point focus mode (the original M43 has no focus tracking ability). The EM1 and EM12 use the phase focus mode, and the other models use the contrast focus.

Bayonet tightness

The rear bayonet that is attached to the camera is very good, the damping is moderate, and the card is not loose. The front mount that is connected to the lens is loose. It should be the design reason. The spring pressure of the bayonet is not enough. The limit hole only catches the lens.

Quality impact

Compared with other focus reduction rings, we have done the same test. The level is the same, there is no visible difference.

Summarized in one sentence: easy to operate, cost-effective, worth playing

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