Ulefone Armor 3T

Ulefone-Armor 3 Rugged Smartphone Review


Leader: We don’t know how many mobile phone manufacturers in China, but there are certainly many. Today we will see Ulefone’s mobile phone, one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the region, with many models to choose from.

Design: From the outside, Armor 3 reminds us of other Chinese-made resistant phones we have recently reported. In fact, the design of this phone is very similar to the design of the Doogee S80. Although the screen of the Ulefone phone is slightly smaller, the weight is slightly lower. In other words, this is an important device. To avoid this, Ulefone provides a large bezel for the metal bezel, making it easier to grip and make the phone more comfortable.

The Armor 3 designer features a slightly unusual button design with volume control on the left and a power button on the right. This option allows the fingerprint reader to be on the right edge and the right-hand reader can easily unlock the device with the thumb. There is a PTT button on the left that can be used with the walkie-talkie option, surprisingly there is no SIM card slot.

As you can see, the rear camera on the back is a large metal plate with the Ulefone logo and four screws in a very safe position. You must use a screwdriver to remove the card, revealing the two slots of the SIM card, and then adding additional storage space through the microSD card. In addition to the screwdriver, Ulefone also includes many accessories in the phone case, such as two different power adapters. If you forget to provide the C model, you can replace it with a USB charger.

Type C cable is a very popular high quality cable management clip. There is also a bracelet that can be placed through the two rings on the back of the phone, the rubber mounting frame buckle, and placed on the handlebar of the bicycle. The only missing element is the walkie-talkie antenna, and we assume that there is only a 3T version of the phone. We can’t say if it’s possible to get the antenna and make it work, but its threaded connector is in this phone.

Overall, our initial impression of this phone is very good. It does a good job, has a large and colorful screen, excellent specifications and many very useful features. Armor 3 can be completely black or black with an orange reflection, so if you want your phone to have a more sporty look, you can use the latter at any time.

Product Specifications: The specifications of this phone reflect the large number of devices we manufacture in China. All use the MediaTek MT6763T eight-core processor and ARM Mali G71 MP2 GPU combination. In Armor 3, the clock frequency of this CPU. Up to 2.5GHz. This SoC goes beyond the latest Snapdragon design, but unless you have to use your phone faster, the ability to drive it is enough.

Android Oreo 8.1 installed on this phone is suitable for 4 GB of memory, 64 GB of standard storage can handle a large number of applications and data, then you should consider adding a microSD card. The screen is an IPS panel with a native resolution of 2160 x 1080, perfect for viewing photos or videos and providing excellent clarity.

But there are two features that can hide the rest of the features, the first one is a surprisingly good camera. Sony’s IMX230 Exmor sensor can capture a single image with a resolution of 6144 x 3456, with very good color saturation and focus. This is a chip that has existed for three years, but it is still very competitive and is the core of many cameras and mobile phones. Our only reservation is that in this case it only provides 1080p video capture, not the 4K resolution that the sensor can provide.

There are three basic modes for custom camera applications: images, videos, and panoramas. Image mode has HDR, self-timer and the ability to capture sound when taking snapshots. Panorama capture is also available for sound capture. This mode has a simple but effective guidance system that aligns the image and achieves excellent results. If you can’t take some pictures of good holidays with this hardware, then you won’t work hard.

Another feature that is higher than we expected is the mobile communications platform, which is truly global in the channels and scope it supports. In theory, you should be able to use this phone in any country because it can handle 2G, 3G and 4G-LTE over a wide frequency range. You can also run two SIM cards simultaneously on LTE, but we are not sure if you can link

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