Good Photography is a Skill

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Amateur photographers can only be good photographers if they like cameras or have an interest in photography. It’s a fact that if you don’t have skills in photography then even with a good camera you won’t be able to take good photos because the auto mode of the camera isn’t quite smart enough.
If you like photography and are skilled at taking photos then it’s not necessary to have a rich-featured camera, you can take awesome photos with a medium/low features camera.

Some techniques and skills of photography are intrinsic skills of the photographer, such as shooting from a good angle, ensuring that background light is not too strong etc, while other skills can be learned by studying the features of cameras.

For example, daylight shooting is almost as easy as point and shoot, auto mode works fine while indoor, but night photography needs a little study to take good photos and needs extreme study to take perfect shots like professionals. To be a good night and indoor photographer you need to know about certain functions of cameras like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO speed. For different situations, a camera needs these things to be set up differently.

Nowadays camera manufacturers are focusing on low light photography and some new cameras are coming with pro low light mode etc, which are giving beginners a better chance to achieve better night photography.

Another way to enhance photo quality is to tweak them on computer software after they have been taken. Virtually all the stunning photos which we see on the internet aren’t uploaded directly from the camera but first tweaked using software like Adobe Photoshop. Photos can be enhanced, cropped and lighting conditions can be fixed. Even basic errors like red-eye can be easily fixed, parts of the image can be cleaned up or replaced.

Mistakes the photographer made when he took the photo can sometimes be fixed, but there is no substitute for learning about all of the functions of one’s camera and taking photographs effectively in the first place.

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