How to choose a useful mobile Drives

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Avoid using plastic drives

On the selection of mobile hard disk, try to avoid ordinary plastic hard disk. Because of the big data processing, the fuselage will heat up. And ordinary plastic can not play the necessary heat dissipation. So when the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the parts. Therefore, choose a hard disk with a metal case.It has better heat dissipation and shock resistance.

Choose a mobile disk with a large memory

The larger the capacity of the mobile disk, the better. But the larger the drive capacity, the more expensive it is.In a mobile hard disk of 10 GB or more, power supply by a USB interface alone cannot be normally driven. If you plan to buy a hard drive of 10GB or more. Then you need to consider the problem of external power supply. The general capacity of 500GB can meet the needs of most people. Of course, choosing 1T to 2T of memory is the best.

Select the size of your mobile drive

2.5-inch mobile hard disk It is composed of a 2.5-inch hard disk (the size of the hard disk inside the notebook). Its main feature is that it is light and thin. Easy to carry, and can directly transmit data with a line of data cables.
3.5-inch mobile hard disk It is composed of a 3.5-inch hard disk (the size of the hard disk in the desktop). It is much larger than the 2.5-inch mobile hard disk. And it must be connected to a power cable separately,the power module is extremely inconvenient to carry. But it is an external power supply, which runs faster and is more stable. Because of its large size, heat dissipation is easier.

Choose the right interface type

The interface of the mobile hard disk is only the difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0. USB 3.0 has a faster transfer speed.This can be seen on the hard disk shell when selecting the hard disk. The interface of USB3.0 can upload 10 sheets of 6M per second. HD digital photo.

If you want to have a mobile hard drive with very good performance and quality, then you can refer to this Samsung mobile solid state drive.
Samsung 850 EVO 1T 2.5-Inch SATA III 3.0 6Gbp/s Internal SSD Solid State Drive High Speed MZ-75E1T0B/CN

Samsung 850 EVO SSD

Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive are not only fast, but also more stable and secure. 1. It has the ability to quickly start up. The read and write speed can reach 450MB / S, four times faster than the traditional external hard drive. 2. It has a compact and compact body.Only the size of a business card, which makes us more convenient to carry. 3, 2TB of memory capacity, with large storage space, can facilitate the storage of data.
Upgrading your PC with Samsung SSD is the most economical way to inject new life into an aging PC. The 850 EVO uses Samsung’s 3D V-NAND technology. Optimize daily computing performance. It has incredible sequential read/write performance, up to 540MB / s and 520MB / s respectively. And random read/write IOPS performance, up to 97K and 88K respectively.Samsung 850 EVO 1T 2.5-Inch SATA III 3.0 6Gbp/s Internal SSD Solid State Drive High Speed MZ-75E1T0B/CN


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