Anycubic i3 MEGA

Anycubic launches anti-day printing platform

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3D printer is the most popular type of machine on the market. It basically meets our needs in software, stability, print volume, printing accuracy, etc. It is widely used in daily life, education, art, mold manufacturing, etc. field.

At present, the mainstream method of fixed model of 3D printer platform is to use textured paper, solid glue, matte stickers, etc., but this practice has more or less disadvantages in some aspects: heating, slow cooling, need to increase the hot bed; The model is cumbersome, and the bottom of the print is not smooth; sometimes the problem of the model is difficult to obtain, the edge cannot be completely avoided; the service life (number of times) is limited.

As a brand of FDM 3D printer with strong DIY capability, Anycubic adheres to the “smart” and “simple” design concept, and is dedicated to the product, customer-centered, new heating integrated lattice platform ULTRABASE (patented product), perfect solution The model that has been plaguing the majority of users has been fixed, unstable, and difficult to lift.

Compared with the previous platform fixed model method, ULTRABASE surface is also coated with patented composite coating, which has super-adhesive and easy release. It is heated and stable, and has a long service life. It can be used repeatedly without loss of performance.

The new Anycubic i3 MEGA, which carries this revolutionary printing platform, upgrades a lot of hardware, making the machine more stable and durable, with high precision (printing accuracy of 0.05-0.3mm) and low failure rate, enough for designers and commercial users. !

Anycubic i3 MEGA highlights: patented lattice hot bed, passive power failure, break alarm, 90 second speed installation, full color touch, optimized print head. More exciting content, waiting for you to discover.

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