Xiaomi Mijia Sothing Night Light

The small light in the dark night, sothing to the object Xiaoming sensor light to get started

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At present, there are many small night light (induction lights) products on the market, but why do I choose sothing to Xiaoming induction lamps? Look at the picture above to know! Today, in the ubiquitous shape of the round cake, sothing to the object Xiaoming induction lamp can be described as a clear stream, art, good-looking! This is the first demand for my choice of night light.

[Unpacking and product details]

Sothing to the object Xiaoming induction lamp packaging is very individual, transparent cover can see the real thing at a glance, forcing such a high night light makes me irresistible.

At present, it offers two styles of Nutcracker and Morandi Grey. Personally, the Nutcracker is more suitable for decoration styles that prefer literary or European style. Morandi Grey is more suitable for modern minimalist style decoration. Also very personal.

The sothing to the object Xiaoming induction lamp uses two kinds of induction mechanisms of optical sensor and infrared lens, so its response sensitivity is very high, people are not close, it has already illuminated for you.

The sphere part is its main module, the details of the work are extremely delicate, and the regular sphere shape is very cute. It is worth mentioning that the main module of the sphere and the base are connected by means of two-point magnetic attraction. You can imagine a scene like this: on a cold winter night, you want to get up and solve the “immediately urgent” or want to go to the kitchen. Food… Is it troublesome to find a switch? At this point, you only need to go to the sothing to go to the Xiaoming sensor light, it will automatically light up, take off the “small ball” from the base, take it with ease to walk in each room, 40-50 lumens is bright enough for you See everything around you.

The base part has a 3M sticker, which is attached to the wall without leaving traces of glue, and the reuse rate is relatively high.

You may be curious that this night light has no switch. In fact, its switch is hidden in the position that fits the base. The switch has three modes: always on, off and on, and it does not need to be powered by a traditional dry battery. The 500 mAh lithium battery can last for half a year (based on 10 times/day).

Sothing to the object Xiaoming induction lamp built-in 6 warm color (3000k) warm color LED, the lampshade is matte material, so the light is softer, the brightness is 40-50 lumens, for a small night light product, its brightness is enough to reflect Out of the surrounding environment. When used on the wall, the pole can move freely at an angle, making a different shape and more chic.

【to sum up】

Sothing to the Xiaoming sensor light sensing distance of 0-3 meters, 120 degrees of the fan-shaped area, you can say that you are not close to it, it is already illuminating the surrounding environment for you, plus the dual sensing mechanism of the training, it The sensitivity of the reaction is extremely high, and the practicality is also excellent. As the title says: it is a small light in the dark night. The price only needs about 100 yuan to start, the price is prominent, it is recommended.

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