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Since the introduction of the new traffic law, drivers can’t drive to answer the phone, some Bluetooth headsets have quickly become popular in the market. With their small size and strong battery life, they have won the favor of the old drivers. By the way, Li Qin, the director of the Department of Order Management of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, accepts An interview with CCTV reporter explained that using a hands-free car phone or using a Bluetooth headset to answer, you can not be identified as making and receiving a hand-held phone. Therefore, the old drivers who are accustomed to using mobile phones to answer or make phone calls will feel like choosing a suitable Bluetooth headset after reading this review article!

For Bluetooth headsets, cost-effectiveness and endurance are two of the most important indicators for users. Compared with international big names, it is undoubted that domestic brands are doing better in these two aspects. Recently, the domestic Bluetooth headset famous manufacturer QCY listed a new product A1, what kind of performance does this product have? The answer is immediately announced.


QCY A1 Bluetooth headset is roughly a minimalist design, it seems that the whole shape is a bit “black long straight”, no matter which angle looks so dazzling!

Headphones are well-equipped, QCY A1 is very rich in features, such as answering and hanging up the phone, as well as volume adjustment, song switching, last redial, power switch should have, as a single-ear Bluetooth headset, the function can be so Complete, really is rare!

This QCY A1 is very intimate to provide 3 Bluetooth headset sets, which greatly facilitates the different needs of many users, and these earmuffs are made of silicone material, which is soft to the touch, so don’t worry about wearing too long. The ear acid problem.

Also this QCY A1 is also very intimate with ear hooks, I believe many people will take Bluetooth headset to exercise, this ear hook will be very good to ensure that in the strenuous exercise, not to be squatted, so unscrupulous It’s good to run and jump.


In terms of operation, the button feedback is good. Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds. Press and hold it in the power-off state until you turn it on. You can directly enter the Bluetooth pairing status. Each operation has a voice prompt and a flashing reminder for the indicator, which is easy to identify. This kind of button can ensure more convenient operation when wearing, and it is more convenient to answer, hang up, reject, redial the recent incoming call, three-way call, and pause the music playing;


When charging, the red light is on and the light is alternately flashing; the battery in the small body can be fully charged in about 1 hour, and the indicator light turns blue after being fully charged. After that, you can continue to stand for 3-4 days, providing 3 hours of continuous talk time. Intimate voice reminders when there is low battery.

【sound quality】

After a few days of audition, I feel that A1’s built-in speaker configuration is affordable – the tri-band is more balanced, the bass has a certain dive, and even a little color in the same price, the stable Bluetooth connection also ensures that the daily listening is not Interrupted. To change a number of songs to listen to, I believe that A1 is very suitable for enjoying popular music, but it is a bit difficult in more complicated music scenes. If your requirements for Bluetooth headsets are not that high, you should be able to accept the sound quality of the A1.

【to sum up】

The A1 Bluetooth headset involves the author to boldly speculate that it is suitable for driving a family. The initial intention of developing this product is to make the driver drive safer, so the convenient operation will undoubtedly allow more drivers and friends to concentrate on driving, but I hope the manufacturer will have a single ear Bluetooth. Headphones can be optimized for sound quality, so it’s perfect.

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