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Four-cup egg pan, 10 minutes to quickly make a nutritious and delicious breakfast. The high temperature and stable performance make the food evenly heated, easier to cook, wear-resistant and durable, easy to clean, flush and clean, high-strength composite bottom, a small amount of oil , The food will not be burnt, the food made with four-cup egg pan is healthier and more delicious.

Four-cup egg pan is compatible with gas stove, electric stove or induction cooker. The four-cup design allows you to fry four eggs or burgers of different flavors at the same time, or you can fry four different foods to meet the daily breakfast needs of the whole family. Four-cup egg pan is made of healthy material medical stone, rich in calcium, iron, copper and other trace elements, which are essential elements for human health.

If you ask you how to make egg burgers, you will definitely say that you can’t make them, so you can buy them on the street. However, using four-cup egg pan can easily make it. The following teaches you to use four-cup egg pan to make a delicious and nutritious breakfast, which is very simple and fast!

In the first step, prepare the flour, add salt, water, and make a batter, and set aside.

The second step is to put the four-cup egg pan on a gas stove with a lighted fire, brush the oil first, beat in the eggs and fry them into pancakes, then sprinkle the eggs with chopped ham or meat, chopped green onion, and cook for 2 minutes , Use chopsticks to put the egg in the bowl, set aside.

In the third step, pour the batter prepared in the first step into the bottom of the pan, and put the egg cakes in. Cook it for a while before taking it out, pour the batter into the bottom of the pot, turn the egg cake over and cook it again, so that an egg burger is formed. Finally, fry until golden on both sides, and the egg burger is ready.

how about it? Is the above production process very simple? The breakfast made in this way is nutritious, healthy, beautiful and delicious. And with four-cup egg pan, you can make four egg burgers at the same time, and the family’s breakfast problem is quickly solved.

Using four-cup egg pan can not only make egg burgers, but also tortillas, pumpkin pie, etc. You can make any pie you want. Therefore, owning a four-compartment pancake pan is like having all the delicacies. You can make any pancakes you want, and you can use more delicacies freely.

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