Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Redmi 8/8A hands-on experience: affordable mobile phones


“Low price = low quality” is an impression inherent in many consumers. The idea of ​​paying for a penny is deeply rooted in the hearts of many people. However, with the development of technology, the cost of related technologies has decreased, making the price of mobile phone products lower and lower. The hundred yuan machine and the thousand yuan machine that everyone once couldn’t see, now ushered in a turnaround. Recently, Red Rice officially released the new Redmi 8/8A series, and its mission is to “high-end quality and low price”.

The Redmi 8/8A has a water drop screen design, and the 6.22-inch drop screen is still very good. The red rice logo is placed on the chin, although it is not very narrow, but the overall look is still very harmonious. The volume button and power button are placed on the right side of the fuselage, and the position feels very good.

The Redmi 8 features Corning Gorilla’s 5th generation glass on the front and a flagship membrane process on the back. The multilayer structure is stacked into a composite membrane that is molded into the fuselage surface. Under the reflection of light, the texture of the glass can be obtained. Red rice 8 also has three colors: sapphire blue, fairy green, and carbon rock ash. The whole machine adopts nano-coating to support life splashing, and there is no problem in daily splashing.

The other Redmi 8A is younger and more stylish. It uses a 6.22-inch drop screen with a resolution of 1520×720. It has three colors of coral orange, deep sea blue and black night. The body is designed with water wave texture and feels touched. Very good, and not easy to get fingerprints. Redmi Red Rice 8/8A is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 439 processor, and the current largest 5000mAh large-capacity battery, which can achieve up to 31 days of long standby. With Qualcomm Xiaolong 439 eight core low-power processor, do not worry about heavy use.

The Redmi 8/8A has also been improved in quality. The internal four corners of the machine have increased the thickening design, which increases the structural strength of the machine and the edge impact resistance is stronger, effectively reducing the chance of breakage during accidental drops. The official said that this time also increased the standard of the drop test, the quality is still “just”!

Both Redmi 8/8A models are equipped with a Type-C interface to support positive and negative blind insertion. Lu Weibing announced that Redmi has entered the 18W fast charge and Typc-C era from the entry-level machine to the flagship machine. In addition, the excellent sound quality of the previous generation products has also been inherited. The Redmi 8/8A’s external release system uses 1217 ultra-linear speakers, 0.85cc large sound cavity, the speakerphone loudness is increased by 40%, and the music loudness is increased by 30%. Built-in speaker dust removal function, it can automatically remove dust in 30 seconds, fun and practical! Red rice has pulled high-quality mobile phones to a new low price with a price of $119.99. Do you think it is really fragrant?

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