Adult Science–Astro Celestial Star Projector


<Adult Science> is a science magazine published by “Japanese Study and research company”. Each issue of the magazine has a theme, which includes kinds of scientific principles, research and experiments, and come with related full manual assembly models.

Here is a season stars projection,it is also known as baby night light projector. It wil be very interesting! The starry night is very beautiful as the pictures show. This would be a great gadget for the kids. It would allow them to make their own constellations and come up with stories behind them. The projector comes in parts and has some assembly required. Kids can position the star panels around the projector lamp in any order they want.

This baby night light projector’s base is also able to swivel and pivot, so it can allow the user to move the stars from the ceiling to the wall. It is not only can give your child universal Astronomical Science and enhance the capacity of good assistants hands, but also give you the couple to create a romantic surprise !

Baby night light projector is a best astronomy demo instrument, because it has best scientific prop. It works with two AA batteries and projects stars for a 360 degree display. If you want to buy the New Year gift for your children, this colourful star projector is your best choice, it not only can bring your children a beautiful night sky, and also is a educational toy, can improve your children’s imagination.

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