What Do I Need To Prepare For A Trip To The Beach?


In summer, where do you want to travel most? In the very hot summer, I want to find a cool place. At present, all I can think of is to see the blue sea. During the holiday, I met a few friends and went to see the sea together. The sea was very cool and I didn’t wear shoes. It would be a very beautiful feeling to walk slowly on the beach to watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach. So, what do we need to prepare for a trip to the beach?

When changing clothes, you need to bring a change of clothes that is easy to dry as much as possible, because when playing on the beach, the sea water can easily wet the clothes. The sea breeze is strong at night, it is best to prepare some long-sleeved clothes. Also prepare some toiletries, such as toothbrushes, bath towels, hair dryer caps and so on. Going to the beach, we must go swimming, so we must remember to bring swimsuits, swimming trunks, goggles, swimming rings, and inflatable tubes.

Tent, go to the beach to play, you must experience the feeling of camping on the beach. It is a good experience to fall asleep to the sound of the waves. At this time, the tent is an indispensable equipment, which can provide shade during the day and protects from rain. , I can sleep in it at night, it’s perfect. A double-layer tent with good viewing effects and protective functions is an ideal choice. You can choose a style with windows that can be opened on all sides, circulating and ventilating, and high-density mesh can effectively prevent mosquitoes; the outside of the tent is coated with silver, UPF50+, which effectively resists ultraviolet rays; the top cloth can be opened, and you can lie in the tent at night and see the stars in the sky.

Moisture-proof cushion, it is recommended to use aluminum film moisture-proof cushion in combination with automatic inflatable cushion. Put the aluminum film moisture-proof cushion underneath and automatically inflatable cushion on top. This can effectively prevent moisture and temperature, effectively isolate water vapor on the ground, and ensure the air cushion. The body’s temperature will not be lost because of the dryness.

Lighting tools, headlamps are the first choice. Night lighting is more convenient. The lamp is hung on your head and you can do other things with your hands. It can be used as lighting when hanging in a tent. It can also be used as a lighting lamp when you go out at night. It is simple and convenient.

Medicines: medicines to treat allergies to prevent discomfort after eating seafood. Bring cold medicine, mosquito repellent, gastrointestinal medicine, hemostatic patch, band-aid, etc.

Fishing rod, if you are interested in fishing, you can also prepare a fishing rod and threaded boilie bait, and you can also bring 4pcs electronic fishing bite alarm with sound LED lights indicator fish bite alarms, which can accurately identify whether the fish is on the bait.

Stoves, cooking outdoors is a very interesting thing. TOMSHOO portable folding lightweight titanium stove can burn wood or gas, which is very convenient for cooking and stir-frying. If you catch seafood on the beach, it is even better. It is very convenient to cook it and eat it.

When we have prepared the above items, we can go to the beach happily. We can go fishing, pick up shells, and dig crabs. You can walk barefoot on the soft sand and feel the feeling of being hit by the waves on your feet. It is very cool. You can walk on the beach while watching the sea view, blowing the sea breeze. Are you looking forward to going to the beach to have the sunrise and watch the sunset? Then give yourself a vacation and go see it.

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