If OnePlus 6T is linked to Valentine’s Day


Love is like a long-distance running. It will go through different stages. We may be passionate, tired, and will want to give up. Even on the way, we will be suspicious. Can I join TA to the end? Those who can do nothing and insist on running the full course must have a “secret” in their hearts. Asked most of the “successors” about love preservation techniques, many people will mention that they should pay attention to “the sense of ritual of life.” In this “ceremonial sense”, it is indispensable to record and share the “one hit” of the two people.

Just hit it, look right

An accidental achievement of a shackle, love is like a tornado, coming quickly and suddenly, and inadvertently “invaded” life. In the process of constant contact, understanding, and running-in, love is born. In the early days of love, people who “long-distance running” often marched impatiently, but ignored the beauty along the way, and the beautiful details passed by, and inadvertently missed the opportunity to warm up the feelings. At this time, you need to develop a good habit of recording at any time, and discover a little romance from your life. With 20 million + 16 million pixels, the OnePlus 6T can record your scenes in HD and make the details of love clearer.

Just hit it, in love

The love period in love is equivalent to the outbreak in the long-distance running. Enthusiastic enthusiasm, as if never tired. People in love make every effort to make memories of love. In addition to regular methods such as dating and travel, team black is also a good way to sweeten “accelerate”. OnePlus 6T is equipped with powerful Snapdragon 845 and 8G for the long run. accelerate. Keep moving forward and don’t forget to record the beautiful process. The OnePlus 6T is as close as 0.2 seconds of dual-core focus. Which one is right, it’s crisp and neat, people can capture the sweet moment by pressing the shutter.

Just hit it, happy wedding

When the long-distance love runs into a stable period, the lovers who have experienced the heart, the run-in, and the challenge understand each other and become the closest and most trusted person to each other. At this time, the marriage also arrived as scheduled. The OIS Optical Image Stabilizer + EIS Electronic Image Stabilization in OnePlus 6T helps to record this romantic wedding. Professionals like the light effect to shoot the “most beautiful wedding photos”, retaining the most memorable moment in life. In addition to weddings, honeymoon trips can’t be dropped. Whether you are going to Tokyo, Paris or romantic Turkey, you can use the OnePlus 6T to enjoy 4G international Internet service without changing your card.

Just hit it off, the old man

From the step of walking to the faltering, the long-distance running of love finally ushered in the end. The burning emotions of the past may have cooled down, and replaced by the warmth of never-ending, the two have become a community of destiny. They no longer deliberately measure each other’s love, but only have a simple desire – even if the memory is vague because of aging, they want to remember each other’s appearance. Open the OnePlus 6T photo album, the clear past in 256 G of large memory, still fresh. The wind and rain that comes along this road are the most precious memories.

Of course, the festivals related to love are also the “gas stations” in the long-distance running of love, and the time is for the supply of love, in order to move forward together. It’s Valentine’s Day right away, and a loving Valentine’s Day gift is enough to speed up your sweetness: in addition to taking a group of clear and commemorative photos, you can also give TA “OnePlus Heart Gift” to keep you on your long journey of love. Accelerated, sweet, and tacit, and finally reached the end of happiness.

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