1.Official Help Center-How To Check If This Phone Can Be Used In Your Country

  1. Dear customers, Thank you to visit our Web, we all know 4G LTE mobile phone is more and more popular, but we often meet many questions about 4G LTE whether supported in your native country or not. Now, we will give you a link to check if the 4G LTE network coverage and see if 4G network of the phone you want to buy match the one in your country:


    About network, there are a lot of questions, whether network of a smartphone coverage in your country or not, now we give you a guide to help you find out.

    The guide to determine whether a specific smartphone can be used in your country. 1) Firstly, you should pay attention to the TIPS of the network frequency. It will show you the network frequencies of the phone supported. For example:

    2) Secondly, you should know the network frequencies your country supported.

    Please confirm this by visiting the following website:



    On this site you can see the search box on the right:

    3) Thirdly, please select your country in the first field and then select your network operator (or all) in the second field. For example, when we choose France:

    4) We will get a list of operators, for this example we will select: Bouygues Telecom with 3G 2100MHz. It will display network coverage and the network information.

    The coverage map and more information can be found below:


    5) Lastly, you can quickly select your country under the search box and see what network frequencies are supported in your country and their respective coverage.

    All the above includes our short guide, we hope that we could help you know the network supported in your native country.

    Kind regards,


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