Netac P500 Class 10 64G Micro SDXC TF Flash Memory Card

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Originally thought that with the 64GB mobile phone storage space gradually become the standard, whether you take photos, record video or install applications, download music can be put aside, but after a few months to discover, this idea is really “pattern Tucson broken”. Not to mention that the camera with progressively higher pixels will bring more photos and videos. The game installation and upgrade packages for those who open the black and eat the chicken game will be enough to make your storage space instantly squat, and WeChat. Instant messaging tools constantly receive messages, pictures, short videos, and also subtly devour the last bit of the site in your mobile phone. Looking back, you will also say that your mobile phone storage space is enough?

Some time ago, I saw a very cost-effective full-screen mobile phone in the mobile phone market called Nut 3. In response to the recognition of the Smartisan OS design concept, Xiaobian did not hesitate to start one. However, at the time of purchase, it was entangled for a long time because of a problem: although the price is good, but the storage is a bit stingy, 4GB of memory is still okay, but 32GB of storage space is absolutely stressful, despite 64GB Storage specifications are optional, but the difference of a few hundred dollars is inevitably a bit unrealistic, but fortunately, this phone has a hybrid design of dual SIM and TF storage expansion, independent expansion becomes an alternative. Then, how much more to buy a 32GB space for a few hundred dollars? Or just spend a hundred dollars directly on a 64GB memory card? Limited to the shyness of the bag, and finally finalize the latter with better price/performance ratio.

Also standing on the standpoint of not choosing expensive, among the more than ten storage brands, the 64GB Netac P500 became the first choice. The reason is very simple. Netac is undoubtedly the first leading brand in the domestic storage field. It is no less inferior to Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. in the global market. Even the U disk that we are currently using is the invention patent of Netac. The experience of production and research in the past 20 years is obviously not something that some small brands can match. What’s more, the cost performance of Netac SD cards products is much higher than that of foreign brands. It is really doubtful that it is supported by domestic products.

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