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MiJia sonic electric toothbrush experience evaluation

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Open the package products are: electric toothbrush body, brush head, wireless charger, manual, color ring. This wireless charger has a power of 2w, and the charging shape is a limit that can be inserted into three 120° directions, and supports ipx7 waterproof rating. When the electric toothbrush is charged, there will be a charging reminder indicator; this toothbrush battery has a capacity of 700mAh and can be used continuously for 18 days on a single charge.

The diameter of the MiJia Sonic Electric Toothbrush is about 28mm. The body is made of multiple injection molding integrated molding. The surface of the body is white and matte, which is simple and clean, and the touch is very comfortable. The button on the surface of the fuselage is sealed with rubber. The toothbrush also supports ipx7 waterproof grade. It is very convenient to clean the toothbrush directly.

There are granular plastic dots on the back of the fuselage, which can increase the friction to prevent the toothbrush from slipping and falling due to the water on the hand. There are four indicator lights on the surface of the fuselage, which are standard mode, soft mode, personalized customization, Bluetooth/power indicator, and different modes can be cycled through the buttons.

The bristles of the brush head are made of DuPont StaClean high-quality bristles, and each bristles of the bottom hairs are subjected to sanding treatment to prevent the bristles from being rounded and scratching the gums and scratching the surface of the teeth. There is a bayonet at the bottom of the brush head and the toothbrush body is tightly connected. The official recommendation of the replacement brush head of Mijia is to replace it once every 3 months. The motor xiaomi electric toothbrush adopts a high-efficiency magnetic levitation sonic motor with a vibration frequency of more than 31,000 times/min and a power output torque of up to 230gf.cm;

Mijia electric toothbrush actually added the app linkage function, only need to download the Mijia app to query some information on the phone and adjust the mode and other settings through the Bluetooth connection.

Here you can see the length of each brushing, as well as coverage, average rate and other details, and also calculate the remaining days of the brush head

There are a series of settings in the personalization, such as brushing time can be set to 2 minutes or 2 minutes and 30 seconds; brushing mode is to adjust the frequency amplitude of the vibration, if you are the first time using electric toothbrush, it is recommended to use soft mode, because super The strong sense of the earthquake is too strong and may not adapt at first.

Due to the beginning of use, the long-term experience is still not displayed, but the first time you start the toothbrush will automatically stop according to the set brushing time, there will be a short pause in the middle to remind you to change the brushing posture, but the overall vibration frequency is still very high. I just didn’t get used to it.

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