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Lightweight user’s backup phone: Redmi 7A evaluation


Thanks to the “Digital Tail” for the public beta product, Redmi 7A. After two weeks of experience, share your purchase suggestions now.

Just getting Redmi 7A, I am full of doubts and expectations.

What is expected is that it was introduced at the press conference as the main machine for the elderly and a backup for the light users. Well, it should be thoughtful and optimized.

Redmi 7A, as a low-end entry model after the red rice upgrade brand strategy, how does it perform? We evaluate it from three aspects.

  1. What is the product?
  2. What is the performance of the elderly machine?
  3. What kind of people are suitable for purchase?

The following evaluations, reference and comparison models are Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7.

  1. What is the product?

Let us start with a simple summary.

Redmi 7A, this is the newest mobile phone with the lowest price of red rice. It compromised with a lot of hardware for positioning and cost considerations. Low prices are low prices, but not all are low-end, and there are still a lot of details to optimize, especially in the use of the system, which has formed a differentiated highlight in the market segment.

The phone box is very simple, no mobile phone case. The warranty is 1 year, which is 6 months less than Redmi 7’s 18-month long warranty. One-piece plastic body, almost the same size as the iPhone XS, slightly thicker, weighing 165 grams, compact and lightweight, suitable for one-handed operation.

The 5.45-inch regular rounded screen on the front side is more traditional than the dip screen or water drop screen. The resolution is 1440×720, 295ppi (Redmi 7 269ppi, Redmi Note7 409ppi), and the screen ratio is 18:9. The screen effect is rough and okay.

It is equipped with the “TÜV Rhein Eyesight Certification Screen”, which effectively suppresses the damage of the blue light to the eyes. The Xiaomi mobile phone has the configuration of the lowest-end mobile phone of the red rice, which is not bad.

In terms of frequency, the Snapdragon 439 eight-core processor is used, with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz, which is an entry processor with a performance close to 625. Ann Bunny runs about 74,000 points (Re: Redmi 7 10.5 million, Redmi Note 7 14.6 million). The score is not high, the actual use effect is not stuck, and the normal use response speed is quite satisfactory.

The 4000mAh large battery can last for more than one day in normal use, and the charger is upgraded from 5W to 10W in the previous generation.

Briefly introduce the parameters, then look at the appearance of the four sides and the back.

The top of the phone is a headphone jack, which uses a 3.5mm interface. Some people like it or not. It varies from person to person.

The left side of the mobile phone is a signal card slot. There are three cards for placing dual SIM cards and single TF cards. Users who are suitable for low storage space are used to expand the files in the later stage.

At the bottom of the phone is a microphone and speakers, as well as a microusb charging interface. This charging interface is like TypeC. Maybe Xiaomi takes into account the usage scenarios of the target users. Is the old man a light user or a heavy user?

As for the right side of the phone, it is the volume addition and subtraction and the switch button.

Finally, the back of the fuselage is unlocked without fingerprints (Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7 are unlocked on the back). Redmi 7A uses AI face unlocking, unlocking speed is good, recognition rate can be.

In addition, the official website said that Redmi 7A is life splash-proof, but does not support soaking and machine watering.

After you finish the look, feel the camera again.

Front 5 million plus rear 13 million pixel lens, monochrome temperature flash, support PDAF phase focus, the parameters sounds OK?

It can be seen that the camera function of Redmi 7A belongs to the public utility model, but the details are not many, the level is lacking, and the requirements for light at night are higher. In particular, when taking a photo, the screen looks slightly grainy, but the actual imaging is a little better. In addition, it is not recommended to compare the machine with more than one thousand yuan, it is just an entry machine.

In general, it can meet the needs of the elders as the main machine and the light users. For moderate and heavy users, I suggest you add some money to buy the ideal model. Of course, the 55+ year old elders can be considered.

If Redmi 7A is the most worthwhile place to start, it is probably the least money to use miui 10.

Originally, I was afraid that the operation was too frequent and too tossed, and it was easy to get stuck. As a result, it is not yet, but it is recommended that you purchase the 3G+32G version. After all, the starting price is equipped with 2G+16G, and the light users are estimated to be saved.

  1. What is the performance of the elderly machine?

According to conventional wisdom, the old machines of the past have a single function and a rough design.

And Redmi 7A as an “elderly machine”, I have a few optimizations I personally appreciate. For example, the Big Mac font, the call volume and the wireless radio.

One is the big font, the big big one, the big button big font, and then with the barrier-free use, the font can be big enough to put the reading glasses aside.

Second, after the maximum volume, you can still be 20% higher, and the pro-test tube is effective. Of course, the hands-free is very loud, so it is invalid.

The third is the wireless radio function, which is the headset-free flow-free FM.

These three points, together with the camera interface and other details, are obviously a lot of customization needs for the “senior machine”.

The segmentation of the mobile phone market is to expand the market. Now it is the era of overcapacity in mobile phones. Some “senior machines” are enough. I don’t know how to sell in the future, but to seize the market and design a caring mobile phone for this age group, it should be a good direction.

There is a time like Taobao, specializing in grabbing the square dance aunts over 60 years old, let them use Taobao, let them do KOL for this age group, one for each use. Then, can this kind of intelligent “senior machine” be understood as a kind of market expansion to seize the market?

At least, it has paid attention to the needs of this age group.

I asked the elders at home and asked them what they thought about Redmi 7A and Redmi Note 7. They said that one small one is big, the other will not use too much, don’t be embarrassed, I am good, I still have to cook…

  1. What kind of people are suitable for purchase?

First of all, this Redmi 7A is not suitable for long-term large and medium-sized games (note that it is a medium and large game), and the game only supports low-end quality. I personally played a plate of chicken and karting, although I can play, but the experience is a bit sour.

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