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Two smartmi products won IDEA2018 design award

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The 2018 IDEA2018 design award has been awarded, and the domestic company Smartmi Technology won the IDEA2018 Finalist award again with Smartmi pure humidifier and light breathing anti-haze Smartmi mask. These are the two awards that Smartmi Technology won again after the three awards of Smartmi full DC inverter air conditioner, Smartmi pure humidifier and Smartmi smart toilet lid. These awards won by Smartmi Technology also prove once again that domestic excellent products have been recognized by the International Professional Design Award.

Both products that won the IDEA2018 Finalist award this time have good design and functionality. The light breathing anti-haze Smartmi mask reached the KN95 high-efficiency filtration level, and the PM2.5 filtration efficiency reached more than 97%. The Smartmi R & D team uses a 3D vaulted skeleton with a weight of only 5.7g and a high-permeability filter material to build an adequate breathing space of nearly 200cm³. At the same time, it is equipped with a large-diameter cold-flow breathing valve with an outer diameter of 40mm. The 0.3mm ultra-thin silicone valve has better airtightness. It can be said to be a product that combines the comfort of wearing with the practicality of efficient filtration.

The Smartmi pure humidifier adopts the upper water injection design during operation, and the separate design of the electrical appliance and the water tank ensures the safety of use. The innovative evaporation system can make 36 evaporation blades form an ultra-thin water film evaporation layer of nearly 2㎡, and the humidification capacity can reach 240 ml per hour. Simulated natural evaporation and humidification also prevent calcium, magnesium ions, impurities or bacteria in the water from being emitted into the air, which is suitable for daily use by sensitive people. At the same time, the body is equipped with a capacitive sensor that senses the water level, which can start the automatic evaporation operation when there is less water to avoid the deterioration of the stored water.

In fact, Smartmi Technology ’s awards are not limited to these. Previously, the evaluation of the Mijia Internet air conditioner brought by TechWeb mentioned that Smartmi full DC inverter air conditioner won the G-Mark Design Gold Award in 2017, which is also the first time that mainland China has won The product of the award. Both judges and users can feel Smartmi’s thinking about the essence of “user experience” and the pursuit of the brand from this product.

At present, several award-winning products can be purchased in Mijia, Xiaomi Youpin and Smartmi offline physical stores. Interested friends may wish to check it out.

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