Xiaomi Mijia Portable Travel Foldable Hairdryer

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Everyone has a heart for beauty. For girls, a black and beautiful hair is the basic skill of beauty. Especially for long hair, a good hair dryer is essential. Recently, Mi Jia has a product with an eyebrow negative ion hair dryer, which is simple in shape and does not hurt hair!

This hair dryer has a white design and is very simple and generous. The traditional hair dryer only produces negative ions at the air outlet, and the negative particles move in inconsistent directions and are easily lost. The hairbrake has a special negative ion channel to form a negative ion beam, which effectively reduces negative ion loss and can reach a distance of up to 1.28 meters.

In addition, the eyebrow hair dryer supports two winds, and the hot and cold winds are switched by one button. The power reaches 1600W, short hair is about 1-2 minutes; medium and long hair is about 3 minutes; long hair can be dried in about 5 minutes. The hairbrow hair dryer can output twice as strong and soft negative ions, with an average concentration of up to 16 million/cm3. At the same time, it can be sprayed out from the air outlet and the negative ion double channel, and directly reaches the show layer to improve the hair damage problem, reduce static electricity and tighten the hair. Scales make the hair supple and elastic. This hair dryer is currently on sale at the price of $26.55.

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