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Xiaomi quality! Mini razor that can be mastered in one hand

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Inch head test man is not handsome enough, Hushen test man is not sexy enough.

Male chin and chest hair has always been regarded as a sign of sex. Most men in the West are deliberate or limited by human factors, and most of them are more “luxury.”

The final effect is also amazing.

However, such a Hu type needs to be trimmed frequently. According to the growth rate of the beard, it is possible to destroy a newly repaired Hu type in 3 days.

Especially Asians are not very suitable for learning such a style compared to Westerners.

Especially now that small meat is popular, unless you don’t want to make a girlfriend, you will have a beard.

Moreover, the director advised that people who are not in good shape should not touch it. It would be more refreshing to shave all the beards.

However, the most needed thing in the fast-paced life is to solve the problem of scum quickly. After all, no one will feel that it is a happy thing to shave manually every day.

The razor that the director had contacted before was generally a man of the science and engineering, and had more functions. However, the electric razor that I recently started is not only powerful, but also directly passes the function, which is impressed by the value and portability. I.

It is a portable electric shaver for eyebrows.

Exquisite, changing the shape of traditional razors

First look at the shape, is a popular minimalist, white this first look very eye-catching, in fact, after the hand, the cylindrical body and skin-friendly touch is very close to the palm of the habit.

The length is 11.8cm and the weight is 136g. The weight is moderate in the hand. The key position is ergonomically designed. The hand is held in one hand and the thumb is just in that position.

The charging interface is designed at the bottom of the position.

Before seeing this electric shaver, I never thought that the original chamfered design could also be used on the razor, the last time it was in the back design of various brands of mobile phones.

The knife net is very delicate, the clockwise swirl shape, the opening in the net is also more meticulous, both aesthetic and practical.

This small “cylinder” is really an overwhelming type of electric razor in appearance. It can even be perfectly hidden with the girlfriend’s various bottles.

It is understood that this technology company belongs to the ecological chain of Xiaomi, so the products also have the same design elements and quality control as Xiaomi.

From color matching, grip, to quality, there is a level of Internet companies.

Powerful, daily, travel all get

The razor is a design of a turbine three-blade blade, and the stencil described above is diffused outward by a circle, and the diameter of each mesh gradually increases from 0.4 mm to 3.6 mm.

A total of 925 holes, intensive phobia is sorry…

In fact, Kong Duo also means that the shaving corners are greatly reduced, avoiding some pulls and stagnations, and the beards of different lengths can be cleaned up.

The general rotary razor uses 180 ordinary motors, and the motor speed of the eyebrows can reach 4,500 rpm.

I also specially opened the knife net and simply looked at it. The three-leaf blade is very sharp, and the shaving effect in the actual experience is not bad.

The sound after starting is still relatively crisp, not too big, and it is not easy to attract eyeballs in some public toilets.

Most importantly, this razor also supports IPX7 waterproof, wet and wet.

Dry shaving is suitable for some emergency situations, such as getting up late in the morning and seeing the customer not ready for the image.

Wet shave and make it more clean, so let’s enjoy the foam.

Most notably, due to IPX7 waterproofing, the machine can be washed directly into the water to ensure that the shaver is cleaned after each shave.

In addition to its compact size, it has a long battery life, supports fast charging, and can be fully charged in two hours. It is calculated according to the amount of shaving once a day, and the usage time is about 30 days.

Traveling with you is completely without any problems.

This razor combines the mind and function to make the user experience a step up and feel the different shaving process.

From the styling, the boy’s “shaving a beard” is considered to be a very delicate idea, and the function also provides a more convenient cleaning method.

Coupled with some basic men’s skin care products, steel straight men can also say out loud, exquisite from the face.

And this design is very tasteful when others look at it – it seems that shaving a beard can make Venus born.

There are three types of black, white and gold to choose from. Generally speaking, they are all white, and they will pick up quickly.

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