Tips For Throwing A Fun Backyard Party or BBQ BBQ

Tips For Throwing A Fun Backyard Party or BBQ

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Spring is finally here, which means sunshine and warmer weather is upon us. The days are longer, flowers are blooming, and grills all over the neighborhood are ready to be brushed and fired up. If you’re looking to kick off the season with a little get-together or full fledged backyard BBQ party, there are a few things you can do to make sure your guests leave with a big smile and a full belly. In this post, we’re going to explore the different ways you can spice up your shindig, and show them you’re the indisputable hostess with the mostess.

A staple food for any BBQ or backyard party is of course a good old-fashioned grilled cheeseburger. Now, what pairs with a burger better than almost anything? Some crispy golden fries, of course. You could easily go to the store and pick up some frozen fries to pop in the oven or fryer, but we think your loved ones deserve a little better than that. You could also make them from scratch, but who has the time to hand chop enough potatoes to feed a whole group of people? We think a great solution is the French Fry Maker. In two easy steps, you have perfectly cut fries ready to pop in the microwave or microwave oven while the burgers cook on the grill. You can skip the deep-frying so your fries aren’t covered in grease, and it’s also non-toxic so it’s 100% safe to put your food in.

You’ll need something to water down your food, and there’s nothing like a cold beer or cocktail to do the trick when you’re at a BBQ. Make your friends and family think you took up a few mixology classes by busting out an 8 piece Professional Cocktail Shaker Kit, which includes a cocktail shaker, one jigger, one muddler, a corkscrew, ice tongs, a mixing spoon, and two pourers. All of the items in this kit are rust proof, and are made from quality stainless steel.

Nothing brings family and friends together like a good BBQ, and you want to make sure the kids have just as good of a time as the adults. Upgrade their pool time with a Giant Inflatable Cartoon Unicorn and you’ll always be remembered as the cool adult with a floating unicorn at their house. It’s 5.8 ft x 5.7 ft x 4.3 ft, so it’s big enough to fit several of the neighborhood kids, and even an adult once the kids have their fun floating on it.  

Once the nighttime rolls around and things start to wind down, the perfect way to finish your party is with everyone gathered around an Ikayaa Metal Garden Backyard Fire Pit. Especially when the spring breeze rolls in and the temperature starts to drop, you and your guests will be warm and cozy around a crackling fire. You can even break out the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for an inexpensive, but delicious dessert for everybody. It also comes with a cover, poker, and grill attachment if you want to roast weenies or veggies over a small fire.   

You may have some guests stay the night after your backyard party if you invited any friends or family from out of town, or if someone had one too many drinks and you’re too nice to make them call an Uber. We think a great bed to keep in your guest bedroom is the Tuft & Needle mattress. First things first, it has a really nice cover that you can spot clean so your guests won’t get any barbecue sauce fingerprints on it. Just to keep things clean and hygienic, you can use a bit of mild detergent and warm water to deep clean the cover—or just get a mattress protector. It’s also rated a medium on the scale from softness to firmness, so it is accommodating to all sleeper types including side, back, stomach, and combo sleepers. We also think it has a great price tag. You love your guests (for the most part usually) so you don’t want them to sleep on the cheapest bed in the world, but it’s definitely not going to break the bank either.

McKenzie Dillon is a content writer and editor for The Slumber Yard, a website that reviews sleep and bedding products.

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