Do you know how to choose a suitable juice squeezer?

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Today, people are paying more and more attention to their physical health. While vegetables and fruits are rich in trace elements needed by the human body. But in winter,the weather is cold and many people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is a good choice to squeeze vegetables and fruits into juice and drink. Probably every family has a juicer, and most people will operate it, but there are very few people who know how to choose a fruit squeezer. So, let’s learn how to pick a good squeezer today.

1. Simple and safe operation

A good juicer must be easy to operate and have safety features. If it is a manual juicer, the risk is very low. If it is an electric juicer, then you must pay attention to the safety protection design of the juicer. Because the high speed rotation of the juicer is dangerous. Therefore, the juicer is usually provided with a safety locking device that does not function when the attachment is not in place. So be sure to check the machine’s security lock. In addition, the safety of the use of the motor is also very important, mainly reflected in whether the motor is waterproof and whether there is overheat protection device. The overheat protection device refers to under abnormal conditions, the device prevent the motor from heating up too high to damage the motor.

H.Koenig GSX18 juice Extractor vertical black / stainless - 60 rpm

2. Low speed operation

You might think that the fruit squeezer working more efficiently possible is beter. On the opposite, Too fast speed can cause the machine to heat up and destroy the nutrients in vegetables and fruits. For example, vitamin C is easily oxidized. Therefore, be sure to choose a juicer with a constant speed and slow speed. At least 100 rpm, preferably 70-90 rpm. The high-quality juicer has no noise and rotates, and the vibration is small and the work is stable. The H.Koenig GSX18 juice Extractor uses low speed soft press technology. It has only 60 turns and locks in the nutrients in the juice. It has a mute function that allows you to extract large amounts of juice in a short time and let you enjoy fresh juice.

3. Use safe and quality materials

Any tool that comes into direct contact with food must be made of a safe material. The shell of our common juicer is made of food grade plastic and stainless steel. Because this drink is made by this machine, the material of the juicer must be clean and hygienic. In order to ensure that the plastic of the juicer does not emit the smell of plastic, to ensure the health of the human body. For example, the Anself Multifunctional Manual Fruit Squeezer is made of high quality ABS and PC materials for safety and durability. It is easy to install and comfortable to use. You only need to cut the fruit, place it on top of the juicer, and gently rotate the handle to get fresh juice. And it is easy to disassemble and clean and can be used to make a variety of juices.

Anself Multifunctional Manual Juicer Fruit Squeezer

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