How To Choose A Suitable Laser Pen?

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Laser pointer can be used in classroom teaching. Teachers can easily point to the blackboard with laser pointer in any corner of the classroom, it is definitely a good assistant for teachers! Presentations and conference explanations make users’ speeches free and easy, and communicate with customers more easily and naturally. It is used for field exploration, indicating distant targets and sending out distress signals, making you travel happier and safer. For astronomy enthusiasts to study the stars in the sky, the beam emitted by the green laser is a very beautiful green line, which is very suitable for observing the starry sky at night and can help you point out the position of the stars.

When performing a presentation, our goal is to leave an impression in the minds of the audience through the information we deliver. However, if presented in a hasty manner, the information itself will not achieve the effect you want. In other words, if you use inferior equipment to give a speech and expect to get the results you originally wanted, you can’t have a good speech effect.

Since the laser pointer plays such an important role in your presentation, it is particularly important to choose the right laser pointer. Let me share with you some practical tips on how to choose the right laser pointers that best suits your needs:

Color Of Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are pen-shaped transmitters designed to be portable, easy to hold, and processed into laser modules with visible lasers. Common laser pointers have a red light, blue light, green light, blue-violet light, etc., and the laser pointer principle of each color light is different. Among them, red light (λ=650~660nm, 635nm), green light (λ) =515-520nm, 532nm), blue light (λ=445~450nm) and blue-violet light (λ=405nm), etc. The structure of the red laser pointer is the simplest. The red laser pointer is basically just a diode with a battery as the energy source. Due to the scattering of atmospheric molecules, the green laser pointer can be seen even if it emits low-power green light in the dark. This kind of laser pointer is often used by astronomy enthusiasts to point stars and constellations. The green laser pointer can have a variety of output powers, and it does not require strong power. 5mw is the safest to use, and it can also be seen in a darker light.

Before buying a Laser pointer, you need to decide on the wavelength or color. Red lasers are usually the weakest, with a wavelength of 632nm. For this reason, the cost of obtaining a red laser is always the lowest. The green laser with a wavelength of 532nm is stronger than the red laser. The most expensive and strongest pointer is the blue pointer with a wavelength of 473nm. Yellow is considered a unique color. If you want to make yourself unique, I suggest you buy a yellow pointer with a wavelength of 593.5nm.

Battery Used

Generally speaking, most laser pointers on the market require triple A batteries. Remind you not to choose laser pointers that require special batteries. Since less common batteries are difficult to find, you may have difficulty replacing the batteries. If you fail to get a spare battery on time, there is nothing more annoying than draining the battery of your laser pointer during a presentation.

Output Power

How powerful do you want your laser pointer? It largely depends on what you want to show your audience. Frankly speaking, low output power, such as 1mw, it is very suitable for indoor use, or it is very suitable for presentations in conference rooms or seminar halls. If you need to use pointers in large rooms, you may need to try pointers with output power around 2-5mw. You must remember that any laser point with an output power greater than 5mw pointing directly at people or pets will be harmful to your health. Some countries do not allow citizens to use lasers with an output greater than 5mw, such as the United States. Remember, never shoot the laser at people and animals.

Although the cost of obtaining this tool is not very high, it is better to spend some time finding the right tool for yourself so that you can achieve great success in PowerPoint presentations.

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