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Which QCY T1 and QCY T1 Pro headphones are more worth buying

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QCY is a domestically produced Bluetooth headset brand. There are two very similar headsets under this brand, T1 and T1 Pro. Although the two headsets are the same on the main model T1, the two headsets are essentially It ’s very different, so let ’s follow Xiaobian to understand some differences between the two headphones.

In appearance

The sound cavity of the main body of the T1 headset is oval, and the sound outlet is relatively long. There is a control button on the back of the case. The button is printed with the “QCY” logo, and there is a headset status indicator on the edge of the button. The charging box of the T1 is a square box, and has a frosted lid, and there are four remaining power indicator lights on the box.

The sound cavity of the main body of the T1 Pro headset is square, and the shape of the outlet is similar, but the QCY T1 Pro is thicker than the T1. The back of the case is a matte touch area, bordered by a metal frame, and the indicator light is located on the touch. Inside the microphone opening on the board. The charging case of the T1 Pro is oval in shape, and it uses a drawer-type opening method. There are also four power indicators on the side.

On the parameter

T1 uses the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology, supports SBC and ACC audio coding, built-in 6mm dynamic coil unit, and uses CVC8.0 noise reduction mode to improve the quality of headset calls and songs. The battery capacity of the headset is 43mAh, and the battery life is about 4 hours. And support IPX4 waterproof level, it is resistant to daily splashing water. The battery capacity of the charging box has reached 2600mAh, which supports 18 ears charging, which increases the battery life by about 72 hours.

The T1 Pro also uses the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology. The headset has a built-in 6.2mm dynamic coil unit and uses DSP intelligent noise reduction technology to filter the impact of ambient sound. The headset battery has a capacity of 40mAh and lasts for more than 3 hours in a single battery. The battery capacity of the charging case is 750mAh, which supports charging with both ears about 5 times, which adds an extra 15 hours of battery life.

Both headsets support binaural high-definition calls and the headset power is displayed on the phone. Even if the headset power is not displayed on some phones, you can call the headset indicator lights and voice prompts to determine whether the headset is too low.


With the support of Bluetooth V5.0, T1 is very convenient to connect. Take the headset body out of the charging box and it will automatically turn on and enter the pairing state. After turning on the mobile phone Bluetooth, you can establish a connection with the headset on the phone.

Due to the touch control adopted by the T1 Pro, when you remove the headset from the charging box, you need to press and hold the touch area to activate the pairing state of the headset. There may be an additional step in connection. One step is omitted.

In terms of control, the two headsets can be used directly on the headset for daily on / off calls, play / pause music, and switch songs. The operation gestures are the same, except that T1 presses the physical button, while T1 Pro Yes touch the touch area.

On the package

The soft plastic transparent cover on the front of the T1 box is printed with the QCY logo on the upper left corner. The box body is a white hard thick paper shell, and the QCY logo is also printed on the side. Some of the headset parameters are on the back. From the front of the box, you can clearly see that the headset body and the charging box are separated in the groove. Open the box and the lower compartment inside the box, and you can see the charging cable, ear caps, ear caps, and manuals that were purchased with the headset. .

The T1 Pro packaging box is divided into an outer box and an inner box. The outer box is a white cardboard ring. The shell is simply printed with the T1 Pro pattern, model and brand logo. The inner box is pulled out and it is a hardwood cardboard box. The box surface is simply printed with the word QCY. Open the inner box, divide the left and right compartments, and open the compartments separately. The left side is the earphones placed in the charging case, and the right side is the charging cable, ear caps, ear tips, and instructions.

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