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Honor FlyPods 3 Extreme noise reduction wear-free

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Bluetooth headsets are frequently used products in our daily electronic products. In recent years, regardless of the number of users or demand for Bluetooth headsets, there has been an explosive growth. Nowadays, the brands, types, and prices of Bluetooth headsets on the market are also varied. But for the student party, high-positioned Bluetooth headsets can be “desirable”, of course, there are cost-effective Bluetooth headsets suitable for the student party. Today I will recommend a Bluetooth headset-Honor FlyPods 3 that the student party loves so much.

Honor FlyPods 3 adopts a “tapered” in-ear design to increase the comfort and stability of wearing. Compared with the semi-in-ear type, the sound insulation effect is better. The earphone box is designed into the shape of a “capsule”, the handle part adopts a flat shape, the surface is smooth and has a delicate ceramic feel, and it is more stable and non-slipping. Behind the box is the Type-C charging interface and pairing key, which supports a maximum of 2C charging current. The battery box has a 410mAh battery capacity and can be fully charged in about 1 hour.

The core features of Honor FlyPods 3 believe that friends have known for a long time, that is, dual active noise reduction. According to the official introduction, while supporting dual active noise reduction, it also uses the “in-ear FB mic pickup + external dual mic fusion noise reduction” three microphone call noise reduction, which is a good configuration in the current noise reduction headphones. The principle of noise reduction is mainly through the 2300Y chip with active noise reduction, combined with decoding algorithms such as AAC and SBC. In simple terms, the headset detects and emits canceling sound waves. Around the headset of a single earphone, there are also three MEMS silicon microphones, matching the noise reduction technology of the call, effectively reducing the surrounding noise. The two microphones outside the ear are used to pick up the sound, and the relatively clear sound is retained by the “beam forming” technology, so that the other party can hear more clearly. The official data is that the noise reduction of Honor FlyPods 3 can reach a maximum of 32dB. Can bring high-quality calling effect.

Honor FlyPods 3 is equipped with a 10mm composite membrane moving coil unit. The large-sized moving coil unit can provide wide sound and better resolution. It can restore the sound quality while making the bass more outstanding. Honor emphasizes that the three-band equalization makes the headset more versatile. After all, this product targets a large number of Honor mobile phone users. But in terms of feeling, Honor’s bass performance is more impressive. The summary is: the bass is surging, the treble is bright and transparent, the vocals are clear, and the sound field is prominent.

The battery life of Honor FlyPods 3 can be said to be powerful in the field of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. The battery capacity of the headset itself is 37mAh. In the case of video, music and games, even when active noise reduction is turned on, it can still support about 3 hours of use. In the scenario of active noise reduction when the call is turned on, it can still support about 2 hours of output. The charging box can support the charging time of the headset 4 times, and the power is replenished to 100% in half an hour. The charging time of the charging box itself only takes about one hour and 20 minutes.

Honor FlyPods 3’s noise reduction ability is very good, and Apple AirPods Pro is comparable. For its value and strength, it has also been recognized by many consumers, and it has eliminated a large number of competing products in terms of dual active noise reduction and three-microphone call noise reduction. If you want to buy another true wireless Bluetooth headset at a high price, it is better to try Honor FlyPods 3, which is the strongest noise-cancelling headset in the thousand yuan.

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