6 Major Areas To Consider Before Purchasing an LED E27 Bulb


Nowadays, people pay much attention to environment friendly products, as more and more people realize that we just have one earth, it’s our duty to save our earth. If your light bulb refused to work, please replace it to energy saving LED Light Bulb. The LED E27 was designed with E27 thread and can just easily replace with our bulb, but there are some differences between LED Bulbs, in the article I will tell you 6 major areas to consider before purchasing an LED E27 Bulb. Let see:


1) Weight

LED e27 bulb is much heavier than the normal bulb; the weight is actually contributing of alloy heat sink. User need to consider the weight to examine the original initial lamp fixture is able to withhold such heavy weight for long period of time.

2) Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is still the biggest challenge. Heat generated by the LED diode is dissipated via alloy sink, if the LED light bulb install in the area that with poor air ventilation, it definitely going to affected the life span for this household bulb.

LED E27 Bulb

3) Bulb life span and LED diode life span

Theoretical LED life span is actually very large, many claim could achieve as high as 100,000 hours, is this same as bulb life span? Bulb life span actually more related to the PCB-driver board in the light bulb. Most of the PCB-driver only has much shorter life span as compare to LED diode.

4)Light decay

Low quality LED diode getting decay more easily, for poor performing LED, you are going to experience?more than 10% light decay after 1 year use.

5) Unidirectional light beam

LED light emitted from the diode within certain angle, and most of the LED bulb design with light emitted at 120 degree beam angle. As compare to incandescent bulb, the light is emitted circumferential. Before you buy a LED bulb for your household lamp, make sure you?understand how you want the room to be illuminated. Sometime too strong beam lighting may cause?light flare too!

6) Single frequency wave length

Our normal lighting consists of wide range of light spectrum, for LED E27; it only emitted the light under specific wave length. The advantage is this light never flicks however we haven’t read any publish or study about LED light is affecting long-hour reading eyes; please keep an eye for this.

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