Clip-on Digital Electronic LCD Violin Bass Guitar Tuner


Tuning the guitar can be quite a hustle for most beginner guitarists. How you tune the instrument determines the quality of sound it will produce. Patience is vital here as guitar tuning is something you improve with practice. There are two main techniques guitar tuning. You could use the ear or utilize a guitar tuner.

Clip On Guitar Tuner

Types of guitar tuners

Guitar tuners range from basic LED pocket tuners to orchestral tuners. The choice of a given tuner depends on available finances and needs. The electronic guitar tuner is quite affordable, with LED display that is more accurate.

The clip on guitar tuner on the other hand is slightly expensive than the electronic one. This one uses guitar produced vibrations to determine pitch of note you are playing. Its tuning is more accurate than the former.

The acoustic guitar tuner is devoid of complications. It is ideal for beginner guitarists. All you have to do is hook it up to a computer. Displaying the various frequencies produced by the guitar however depends on the guitar brand type. Problem is that you cannot take the tuner with you.

Selecting a guitar tuner

The clip-on digital electronic LCD violin bass guitar tuner is an ideal choice. Its beauty is that it combines the three guitar types to bring forth a superior tuner. This tuner an adjust intonation for mandolins, violins, banjos, bass and acoustic guitars. It is highly portable since it comes in compact as well as in small design. This tuner comes in red and green background. It is thus ideal for guitarists during night as well as daytime.

Product specifications and features

The clip on guitar tuner has an automatic tuning mode. It has a chromatic tuning range of 12-notes. This extends from 0A – 7C offering guitarists a wide selection platform. For stable tuning, it comes installed with an LCD needle-type meter of high precision.

The tuner’s calibration range is 430Hz-450Hz. It has in-built vibration sensor that is useful in adjusting sounds. It can work on various turning modes including V (Violin), G (Guitar), C (Chromatic) and B (Bass). It has a detection accuracy of 5 percent.

An LCD black-light display comes with the package. The tuner has an automatic power off mode in case there is no signal in the system within 3 minutes. Its power supply is 1 x coin battery (CR2032). Worth noting is that the tuner can rotate freely for 360 degrees. The package comes with a user manual to guide users.

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