A Letter to Santa

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Dear Santa,

How’s everthing going with you noe, I really hope you are real. It might be against your rules, but on Christmas eve, could you come wake me up? Just to reasure me. If it IS against your rules, just put on one of my preasants I want to know I promise I wont tell anyone. I know how buisy you are, and I am sorry it is last notice, but please be sure to get a pair of brown cowgirl boots, and some overawls. I would really appriciate it.

I have a question. My mommy says that you hide preasents all around the world because your sled isnt big enough. How big is your sled?

Last year I got a lot of presents from my parents. I am Looking froward to many surpring gifts this year. I would like to find my stock full of presents when I wake up tomorrow.

Have a good Time, dear man!

Best wishes,

Tomtop Baby


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