Interactive Fashion: Equipped With High Tech LED Clothes


Equipped with solar panels in their LED Clothes to bring you the warmth of spring-like, shiny shirt to remind pedestrians to make way for you, glasses on display for you to provide real-time weather forecast. Combination of electronics and fashion, “Interactive Fashion ” to cater to the younger generation to pursue high-tech products.

Electronics engineers and Women’s fashion designers are belong to the field can be described as irrelevant, but cooperation between the two has given rise to a spark of surprise – “LED T-Shirt (Interactive Fashion)”. It combines electronics and fashion, so that everyday clothing was given a new role: the winter coat with solar panels to bring you the warmth of spring-like, shiny skirt to remind pedestrians to make way, and the glasses display provide real-time weather forecasts for you.

LED Clothes

Detect wireless networks Wi-Fi T-Shirt

Today, clothing technology for many people is still a strange term. Even though there are few universities in the United States to offer related courses. School of the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the few exceptions. Head of art and technology institute Tiffany Holmes that, in modern mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets and Nike shoes, the meter moved into people’s daily lives, wore high-tech equipment will also became the logical things. She pointed out that means that the latest fashion trends and styles, the emergence of interactive fashion the right time, its people’s way of life will have a significant impact, it will be people – especially young people – and for the aesthetic needs digital product perfect combination of fascination, but also played a streamlined equipment effects.

As Holmes said, people’s strong demand for portable digital products, more and more apparent. In a sense, “an interactive fashion” is such a complex product. In fact, the children of the flash on the insole, with music in this pocket of sportswear trend can be seen as the original product. Newer products include TOMTOP website launched Wi-Fi T-shirt, it can detect nearby wireless network signal, the chest will be a sign of strength as the signal level changes. However, if ignored overwhelming high-tech comfort that if such clothing is easy to become a lack of practical gadgets. In put Wi-Fi T-shirt at the same time, you have a AAA battery into the belt.

Now, the team of designers and engineers in the field once again made a breakthrough: nail computer chip the size of the individual are fully applicable to a variety of textiles. Their next goal is the invention of a waterproof computer, which will become a landmark in the progress of the fashion industry, it means that the clothing can be equipped with a washing machine, has become more simple and comfortable to wear.

Although many products still at the initial stage, the fashion industry still expressed their interest. For designers, this is their clothing set off a revolution opportunity. However, the other hand, clothing for the implementation of the digital still need careful consideration. Electronics manufacturers, Philips, Motorola and Apple have provided financial support for related research, the purpose is to find comfort and the best balance between functionality point. For example, people feel strange without context, can be woven into a sweater in the number of optical fiber.

LED Clothing

Dress with a sensor

Upcoming Art Institute of Chicago this fall, Professor Margarita Benita pointed out that the real challenge comes from some of the electronic components, and its poor flexibility of the transistor. And, like many designers, like the past Benita unique personal creation. His works include a name, “Detect Protect” necklace, it can issue a warning, to prevent the electromagnetic field around the wearer.

In 2006, she and The Jacquard Center to develop a weaving machine, which can produce video images on the computer fabric. According to Benita introduced, they abandoned the bolts, and other traditional instruments, selected electronic components of the most resilient of the textile, cable and successful blend of natural fabrics, and to the surface showing a beautiful embroidery patterns. People can use the same method as clothes lined, adding in the textiles of different elements.

Another remarkable number of fashion, Hanguo Hong ik University of Younghui Kim sewing philosophy professor Zeyi Coded known. She claims to “LED T-Shirt “, after many years in the telecommunications industry became interested in design. In the process of dealing with the computer all day long, she is the germination of some of the design objects can be touched or perceived a strong desire, and came into contact with sewing machines and fabric, the way software engineers to design clothing. In 2002, she found that despite the powerful interactive clothing, appearance and comfort are not satisfactory, since it launched its own work “HearWear”. It consists of a dress form with a sensor, these sensors can be triggered based on the degree of light and dark environment, lighting wires. The work is called “City Ear Painting”.

After the Chicago designer Anke Loh and Philips jointly launched the “Lumalive Textiles”, which enables fabric came a variety of electronic designs, such as dynamic ad, geometry can also be constantly changing color, so lively and simple style dress. Now Labour is working with engineers in London and Chicago to cooperate, to build more popular products. Labour believes that interactive apparel is still great potential, the natural elements into the sound or light can add a lot of its charm.

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