Men’s Guide to Buy Sexy Lingerie For Your Woman


Want to buy a fantastic present for your woman? There is no doubt that sexy lingerie is the most popular gift for your woman. How many men do you know who can resist the temptation of a woman in sexy lingerie? Probably not many. I am sure every woman want to surprise her partner with a sexy lingerie anytime. However, are you shame to buy it from local store and don’t know which lingerie you should choose? If you are no sure where to buy and are afraid of making a mistake, there is no need to worry. Have a look at this men’s guide to buy sexy lingerie for your woman to get rid of your shame.

Sexy Lingerie

Purchase Lingerie Your Woman Would Want

The most common mistake that men make is to purchase lingerie that they love without thinking about what the woman would want. Not sure what your woman actually would want? The easiest method is to get a rather good sense by looking at what she already has. Wearing lingerie can make any woman look oh-so-irresistible, and sexy in ways she could never imagine. Nowadays, there are many kinds of sexy lingeries available to women than what we were used to years ago. Different people has different taste, so buy the one your woman like is most important.

Choose Lingerie That Suits Her Personality And Her Desire

It’s the best way to show her that you really know her. Women who typically wear sweat pants and a tee shirt to bed will be happy with something comfortable. A complicated getup with garter belts and stockings may not be the best choice. A cute, soft babydoll in a soft fabric such as silk will offer her comfort and be sexy. If you are hoping for something racy, you may need to begin simple and slowly work more fancy lingerie into the bedroom. See if she loves the babydoll and then progress from there.

Consider Her Size and Self Confidence

Avoid asking her for her size or how much she weighs. Look in her closet, in her drawers to find her size. Not every female looks like a super model and a woman with a fuller figure may not be overly enthusiastic to slip into a tiny, silky g-string. If a woman generally wears shorts but covers up her to half, she maybe self conscious about her arms or stomach. In this case you will want to choose a piece of lingerie that offers the same. If a woman is comfortable in jeans and a tank top, she may be a bit self conscious about her legs or rear. In this case, a beautiful lingerie set with a matching robe can be the perfect choice. In this way, the woman has control how much is exposed.

Color Is Equally Important

Buying her a lime green night knowing she doesn’t like lime green would be wrong. No matter how good you thought it looked on the model. Women are more creative with colors than men but even though they all still tend to like certain colors and combinations of color. See what colors she wears the most now and don’t stray too far from that if you can help it. A good rule of thumb if you are not really sure is: redheads look great in green and yellow, brunettes look sexy in red and white and blondes always good in black and blue.

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