Honeywell introduced intelligent LED flashlight split home market in China (Mainland)


Recently, Honeywell formally announced in China, LED home lighting products, including smart home series with a split in the patents, stylish and beautiful, with bright led flashlights, a long time, over charging protection.

Split intelligent LED hid flashlight home

Currently, the market charging flashlight with more than one for the external design, the bolt is open with an external design, the air humidity or contact with electrical conductors, it is prone to leakage power situation, there is a big The security risk issues.

Honeywell Split intelligent 200 led flashlight home, using high-power LED lights 0.5W/1W, highlighting, energy saving. And use before and after the split charging design, combined with ergonomic structure, a new Xenon Hid Flashlight circuit module design and effective integration of the lamp body cells, prevent the bolt exposed flashlight charging users of the safety of persons and property risk. Power is low, can easily pull out the charging part of the charge, plug and socket connector is very tight occlusion and improve the process of charging the user’s personal focusable flashlight safety factor.

Honeywell overcharge on the use of security protection technology, the embedded intelligent core control technology, fully charged, the battery will automatically disconnect the power, effectively prevents the battery from damage caused by overcharging or explosion caused an accident ring accident, to fully protect the user’s personal and property safety, -40 ℃ to +60 ℃ temperature can be normal to use, very suitable for the current northern cold areas or in extreme environments often need to work to use.

In addition, a xenon flashlight that comes with a waterproof, rain world in general can be used normally. In the Chinese market the products are yellow, black and two color choices for consumers.

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