Reveal the scam of purchasing a projector online


Which way is most popular in shopping, it must be online shopping. As we know, Online shopping save time, low cost, rich products, so it’s popular by young consumers. But online shopping this emerging industry, the speed of development is very fast. In the rapid growth, lack of effective supervision, so lead to many cheaters. The products of online shopping are more affordable, lightweight product, for example, pocket scales, clothes, cameras, puzzle toy and more, but many large equipment is added to net purchases now, for example monitors, projectors and so on, as we know projector is expensive, so we should need extra care that avoid fooled in the net purchase!

1, Word games and false advertising

In all kinds of sites, there’re many descriptions of projector’s performance, but many consumers do not understand the product, they always believe merchants, because they have no ability to identify it, so they can only believe what the merchants say, finally fooled.

2, Lied that out of stock, then change the recommended products

Different brands of projectors has different prices, so manufacturers give merchants different number rebate, thus creating different products has different profits. Of course, merchants are more willing to sell high-profit products. But for consumers, the best choice is lower prices, and better products with the best option. When we purchase a projector, after we select a product, the merchant always lies this modle of projector is out of stock, then recommend the same product.

3, Deducted accessories and gifts

Not only in online shopping, we also encounter the same situation in store. In particular, many domestic manufacturers always choose the holiday to held promotion activities, but a number of additional free gift or accessory was secretly detained by merchants.

4, Recommended high-priced accessories but not practical

When purchasing a projector, many people not only buy a machine, it isn’t same as wireless mouse or wireless spy camera, in order to really use up the projector, they also need such as wire, hangers and other accessories. The merchants are also very happy to recommend the peripheral equipment for buyers, because making money always are in these unobtrusive gadgets.

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