Innovation and accuracy in Jewelry Scales


Jewelry scale is an electronic scale which can provide you great accuracy. These scales provide accuracy up to 0.01 g. There are seven units provided in this scale to transform. You can be able to weigh minimal things of same class like chemical agents and jewelry items. These scales can be used by the jewelers and in the laboratory as well. The maximum reading on this scale can be up to 300g and its minimum measurement is 0.01g. The seven units measured with the help of this scale are g, oz, ct, ozt, ti, dwt and gn. You can be able to read the measurement on the LCD display of these scales. This LCD display is of 5bit.

These digital scales provide white bright backlight due to which it is easy to read the measurement. There is alarm feature in these scales which prompts automatically in case of low battery. There is power control auto feature in these scales which can turn off the scales automatically after one minute idle to save battery. 2 x AAA battery is used in these scales to provide power. The operation temperature of these scales is normally 10 to 30 degrees. Counting functions are included in these digital scales as well. These scales have provided lots of convenience and comfort to the users in measuring very small jewelry items. The net weight of these scales is 96g. these scales are available in elegant styles and designs.

It is important for you to know that you should not use these gram scales for things over range because these things can damage the scale. These scales are available in different colors. The LCD display of the screen has made things very easy for the customers to read the measurement easily. The measurement is provided in the digital numbers therefore these scales are also known as digital scales. These are small pocket size scales which can be taken to any place very easily. You can use these scales very easily in different situations. The interface of these scales is user friendly due to which any one can be able to use these scales very easily. These scales have provided lots of convenience to the jewelers to measure jewelry objects.

These gram scales are ideal for gem and precious stones. The sleek design of these scales is very attractive. You can be able to protect the weighing surface with flip top when it is not in use. It has easy four key operation used. It is really an incredible scale with great accuracy in weighing different jewelry items. You can be able to weigh same objects for number of times without turning this scale off. You can have the same reading on scale for the object which is placed on it and then scale is turned off and then turned on and object is placed again on the scale which is really a great feature. These scales have proved to be very good for the jewelers.

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