4GB Spy Video Camera With Remote Control Built In Stylish Hat


Nowadays, spy gadgets are more and more popular among us, they are widely used in our daily lives. Just as the name suggests, with these special devices you can take videos or photos without anyone know. Several years ago, they are just used by the government detectives and military. But now, thousands of such items are sold online. Spy video camera can help you spying on anything to everything, and it’s your best friend if you want to do undercover surveillance work. Today, Tomtop.com launched the newest and latest wearable spy equipment: it’s a 4GB spy hat.

Spy Video Camera

As we all know, a spy camera is most effective when it is hidden in pieces of clothing or wired to the human body. Body worn spy cameras are so dependable that they can produce high quality video even in the most pressing situations. The hat hidden spy camera just belong to this style. 4GB spy video camera with remote control built in stylish hat. Easy one but one button operation for recording quality video and audio. View the captured video using your PC with the supplied USB data cable. This stylish hat has a hidden spy camera in it. And you can operate it with the remote controller. Since this camera and DVR unit is hidden in an ordinary looking hat, no one will ever suspect that you are recording high resolution full screen surveillance video.

Since all the hardware is built directly into the hat, you needn’t worry about revealing any wires that might blow your covert operations. Ideal for covert recording, the hidden spy camera hat is also perfect for capturing footage of your vacation or your day-to-day life. Never worry about missing any important moment because it captures it all. You can take the hat on and no one will know you’re recording. The camera is undetectable, even if you take the hat off. This relying on remote control vibration tips working condition, there is no light. It has 4GB memory and is installed with a vibrating mechanism programmed to activate for set reminders.

Hidden spy camera


This product is a kind of mini camera that is hided in a hat.

The built-in camera records video together with sound.

Come with 4G memory in this hat, can store the video recorded.

With a USB cable that can connect with PC, and play the video recorded.

With a remote controller, can operate remotely.

It has high concealment and can get good video effect even at low illumination.

All operations achieved by one button.

All steps with clear LED indicator light indicate.

Used in home, hotel, office, etc.


Video resolution: 640*480 at 30 FPS

Video format: AVI

Support system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/vista; MAC os; Linux

Recording time: 3 hours

Power charging: By USB cable

Charging voltage: DC-5V

Item size: 18 * 14 (D*H)

The hat hidden spy camera is quite sophisticated and also very attractive. It has been fitted with some additional features which make it possible for the user to cover the pinhole camera. This is done by simply switching a small cover into place in about 0.5 seconds. The cool hat is a useful tool for you to take pictures and record the important and unforgettable moments. If you are looking for a wearable hidden spy camera, this stylish hat just your best choice. It’s just $51.39 for such a spy hat on TOMTOP, there are many other spy video cameras are waiting for you at TOMTOP. Visit us or paste the link into your browser: http://www.tomtop.com/4g-spy-hidden-pinhole-video-camera-cap-hat-with-remote-control.html

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