Master the art of flying with Helicopter Simulator


The helicopter simulators are used to stimulate of the real model of flying aircraft. You can have an increased experience of flying with it. This simulator can be connected with the computer with USB plug and you can be able to use it directly without any external power. There is support for many FMS software as well in this simulator. You can be able to enhance the flying performance skills by using this simulator and you can also have exciting flying feelings in the blue sky. There are so many great features included in this simulator. This graphic landscape of this simulator is omnibearing 3D tridimensional. It has a great dimensional sound effect.

You can be able to achieve multiple different operations with six channels which are acceleration and deceleration, elevating rudder, azimuth bearing control, flip horizontal and flip vertical. There is new function of control of V-tail is added in this simulator. This simulator has the latest FMS simulator software. There is support for the interactive keyboard operations in this simulator. The good thing about this simulator is that there are minimum system requirements and you can be able to run it on Pentium III computer on AMD Athlon 64 with at least 800 MHz compatible processor. These RC simulators have HDD memory space of 1GB. There is CD drive as well which can be used. There will be need of DirectX 9.0 version for application interface.

These RC fight simulators will need 3D sound card and 64MB bus width graphics card. The net weight of this simulator is 485g and its dimensions are 190 x 170 x 52 mm. the USB cable length is 1.2m. The user manual is also provided with this simulator which can help you to have skilful flight. This simulator can work very well even in the left mode. It is easy to use and there is no need to install any other driver. You can have great flying experience with this simulator. You can also be able to increase your experience of real world from your computer. There is no need to use any battery and it can work very well in Windows 7. It can be plugged very easily through USB.

The transmitter of RC flight simulators is compatible with different RC stimulation software. This simulator can be very good for new as well as experienced pilots. The sound effects included in this simulator are very good. There are extra controls provided in this simulator by adding new feature of V tail. The graphic landscape used in the simulator is also very good. The overall look of the simulator is also very good. There is one FMS CD simulator software and one UDB flight simulator included in the package. There are great controls included in these simulators with which you can have perfect flying experience. It is very easy to use this simulator as you just need to connect it with your computer with the help of USB plug.

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