HTC T5388: One of the Top Class Mobile Phones


Would you like to have an excellent phone that you will be fee proud when you take it out of pocket? Would you like to enjoy that a special cell phone bring you a different life? Now I will introduce this cell phone to you. HTC T5388, one of the top class mobile phones.

The HTC T5388 is also known as the Google G3 which is the third smart phone that runs on the latest version of the Android-powered operating system. Its high-resolution display with 3.2-inch screen size is simply overwhelming. As the world`s first Mobile phone with capacitive touch screen and 806 MHz processor, it also responds as precisely and quickly to the slightest touch of your finger as you`ve never seen it before. Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth stereo is supported in both the models. Gmail is improved in the HTC Magic G2 version, the rest like Google maps, Gtalk and Google contacts are the same. You must be aware that Android has the facility to keep your contacts synchronized all over Google and this option is the main advantage in both these models. Personally speaking, seeing is believe, this is the most fantastic clone artifacts that can touch one’s heart at first sight I’ve ever seen.

Want to know something about the battery time of HTC T5388? Both the talk time and the stand-by time are greater than the HTC Magic G2 model. The talk time is also more than 6 hours in the advanced model. G-sensor is include in the Magic version which was absent in HTC Tattoo. So with the latest version you can align the screen even if it is held vertically or horizontally. The latest version, the HTC Magic G2 has plenty of bug fixes, a huge variety of new features and enhancements but some still prefer the traditional HTC Tattoo because of its keyboard facility which is missing in its latest version. It actually depends upon the user’s choice and preference. Now some costumers may not care that I received free phone from Google, but it is important in the interest of full disclosure to let you know, and also because it is a “special” one. This phone has not yet been released in the United States, and has only a very limited release internationally. Then check out our website( for its cost-performance comparison. You will find it really deserves your attention.

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