Interview with Yueyuan –- A Good Example of Hard Work


Everyday there are all kinds of things happened around us, ranging from big issues to trivial things. But no matter things trivial or not, it is all part of life. A drop can reflect the glory of the sun, so as the details to show the nobility of a man. Now, let’s share the thing existed around us.

Today, we are going to talk about our new colleague of E-bay Customer Service Department – Yueyuan. Yueyuan is a quiet but diligent girl who has been a member of our company for less than two months. During this period, Yueyuan voluntarily keeps on doing her job after the office hours to 19:30 – 20:00 everyday.

Yueyuan’s spirit of diligent is so inspiring that we decided to have an interview with her.

According to the information found by us, the major tasks of Yueyuan are to reply and confirm the orders, to deal with the customer feedbacks, to record the best-selling products then report it to the Purchasing Department and the Advertising Department. These tasks seem like quite easy but it costs a great demand of time and labor to handle it well. Sometimes, an order may need more time to deal with when something unexpected happen, not to mention the hundreds of orders from around the world that need to deal and the maintaining of the high customer satisfaction evaluation.

  Yueyuan has no complaints towards the same and monotonous work. Instead, Yueyuan showed us her passion to the job. Yueyuan is in charge of the electronics, grocery, outdoor products which are sold quite well in Homegarden at E-bay that Yueyuan receives a lot of orders everyday which means her need to do a heavy job everyday.

  In order to finish the work, Yueyuan, as a novice at Customer Service Department, has to work overtime everyday. When Yueyuan was asked about whether her has the thought of giving up. Yueyuan just shake her head gently and rely with firm expression in her delicate face, “No, If I don’t work overtime I would be unable to finish my task, and the orders of our company and the feedbacks from the customers will be delayed etc, which are bad for the building of our company’s reputation and the increase of our turnover. Only if there is an order left undeal, I will leep on working until I finish it, no matter how long the time will I need to overwork.” There is no such a word as ambitious, just the honest words and conduct of Yueyuan to show us the hard working spirit, the strong sense of responsibility and Customer First spirit of Tomtop.

At the end of the interview, when asked, “What would you want to say towards your work”? Yueyuan replied in a mood of gratitude after a second of thought, “Well, it is a challenge to me to work in Customer Service Department, but also a good chance of study. As a novice in this field, I have a lot of things remain unknown and my colleagues in our department have given me a lot of support and help. I would like to take this opportunity to express my earnest gratitude towards them, thank you! ”

The hard working spirit, the strong concept of responsibility and Customer First spirit, and the brotherhood and teamwork spirit of Tomtop have been best interpreted in the Customer Service Department, and the conduct of the diligent girl – Yueyuan. Yueyuan sets up a good example of hard work for us to learn. All of these give us a good reason to believe that : TOMTOP, a reliable company with various products of high quality and best price, and vast amount of customers is sure will have a more prosperous future.

“Make the best!” is the encouragement Yueyuan gives to herself. Also, it is the motion which supports Yueyuan to keep on working overtime.

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