If It Were Things of My Work,I Would Discuss and Dispute with Anyone


The General Manager of SHENZHEN TOMTOP COMPANY frequently stated that if it were things of our work,I would allow you to discuss and dispute with me.Since we knew that the more dissusion and dispute on the truth,the clearer and more understandable the truth is. On the contrary,those who were afraid of expressing themselves and preferred to keep silent would not be approved.Now let me tell you a story about Liu Zeping,a member of Operation Department of our company.It was yesterday that Liu Zeping had a controversy with her boss.The followings are the record of my interview with her.

Editor: Hi,Miss Liu.Lately.I have just heard a news that you had a controversy with your boss.Was it true?If it was true,could you brief it clearly to us?

Liu Zeping: Yes,it was true that I disputed with my boss about a purchase note.It is usual that after the purchasing clerks take their purchasing goods back,they send the goods to our department to inspect.If we find there are defective products among those goods,we will ask the purchasing clerks to return those defective products or rechange them.Then,the good ones and the purchase note will be sent to the warehouse .However,yesterday when the good products and the purchase note were sent to the warehouse,the storekeeper booked in the figures of the note directly without checking the exact quantities. The figures written on the purchase note of the quantities of the goods were the good one plusing the defective ones.But the exact quantities were only the good ones.

Then my boss found me and demanded me to label the quantities of the defective ones so that it could remind the storekeeper to book in the exact quantities of the goods into the warehouse.

Editor: Well,could you follow your boss at that time?

Liu Zeping: Er…, to be honest,I couldn’t.I used to think the storekeeper should book in the exact quantities though the figures of the note hadn’t been changed.Therefore, I thought it was the storekeeper to assume the responsibility.

Editor: So both of you involved in misunderstanding.It just like a saying in China.One says the watermelon was red,while the other one says the watermelon wasn’t stolen by me.They are not coming to the point.Am I right?

Liu Zeping: You’re right.We both thought we were saying something reasonable.

Editor: Then,how did you deal with it?

Liu Zeping: Later I came to understand that my boss was not reproaching me.He just advised me to label on the note.It was resonable.We would follow his suggestion.For example,if we purchase forty articles of F127,actually we send thirty-nine to the warehouse because one is defective,then we’ll label one is defective on the purchase note.As a result,the storekeeper will book thirty-nine in,the finacial settlement will calculate the payment of thirty-nine.

Editor:How could you have the courage to dispute with your boss?

Liu Zeping: The operation of a company requires us to draw a clear line of our reponsibility.Or no one would assume the responsility when something wrong happens.I was eager to tell my boss that the storekeeper should book in the exact quantities into the warehouse at that time.

Editor: Now the purchase note case has attracted our attention.We know we should carefully treat this exsiting problem.Do you still have something to say?

Liu Zeping: Eh,I have reflected on it.I thought what my boss said is right.If I had labelled on the note,there would not cause much trouble.

The story of Liu Zeping turns out to be like that.During the whole interview,Liu Zeping seemed to be so relaxed.She repeatly said that if it were her work,she would discuss and dispute with anyone.Because the more discussion and dispute on the truth, the clearer and more understandable the truth was.

If the similar things happen in you while working,would you have the courage to discuss and dispute with your boss?

(Edited by Angela Chen, Photographer is Xie Zhenfei)

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