What brings us through English Class……


TOMTOP.COM a foreign trade company,  every staff’s English level is especially important.  Great English ability is the bridge of communication with the customers.  In order to improve our English levels,  our company invite a foreign teacher to teach us English every week.  This brings us many happiness and gains.

We attend English Class in time on 15:00-16:00 every Friday at our conference room.  The teacher,  called Derek,  is a very humorous, witty and nice man.   He often brings us some surprised and unexpected contents.   In the class,  he trains our oral English,  listening,  reading and writing with all kinds of interesting methods,  such as games,  simulative situational dialogs etc.   After the class,  he also gives us an assignment to go over the knowledges we learned by sending him a E-mail.  Through this,  he can help us correct some mistakes that he will come up and explain.

We are studying hard

Lovely Derek, earnest us!

Look, how happy they laugh!

In the class, we often burst into laughter, and be happy with it. What’s more, in this comfortable atmosphere we seem turn back schooldays. We don’t only release the pressure at work, but also learn naturally a lot of English knowledge, what a good thing that achieves two aims at the same time. AS the time flies, we are not afraid to speak English and the abilities of listening and writing have been improved.  Through this,  we can communicate with our customers better and slove many problems which are caused by weakness of English,  it increases our work efficiency.

This act of TOMTOP.COM is aiming to improve our comprehensive qualities and care about us,  it wins all of our affections.

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