The Story of Military Pledge


Work Together, Finish the Task

The company has introduced the periodical target management, then the advertising department pledged that if they could achieve the goal, company will organize a travel. Advertising department didn’t fail us: the task was completed perfectly, and they have won the collective tourism opportunity for all all of us. Finishing the twice workload as before, how did advertising department had managed it ? Below is the interview with Mao Yijuan, the director of advertising department.

Editor: Twice the workload! When making this promise, did you have confidence to achieve it or not?
Mao Yijuan: In that Maoment, I have confidence in my department, but I’m uncertain whether we can overfulfill. Our goal is to overfulfill it!

Editor: Workload increase, work efficiency also need to upgrade, are employees resentful? As the leader, how do you deal with the complain?
Mao: Every employee signed this pledge after serious consideration. We all have strong sense of responsibility and collective honor, there are not any negative eMaotions. Everyone is responsible for his tasks. We help each other, and I’m proud of the unity of the department.

Editor: During the implementation, are there any other difficulties? How do you deal with it?
Mao: Some colleagues worked with poor efficiency, after having a conversation with him, I get to know about his ideas. Then we made two solutions. One is that if he doesn’t finish, other colleagues will help him. Or let him complete it on his own. Finally he finished his task by himself, although there are some unpleasant episode. But anyway, he is still very responsible, which I think it very commendable.

Editor: Haha! Share that exciting Maoment with us.
Mao: I feel quite relieved when the task was finished, and I think that activities can be held as scheduled now. Although we have not overfulfilled much, but the department can complete the work in time should credited the honour to everyone’s cooperation, and the support from all the colleagues.

Editor: Being successfully finished the task, what’s the next plan of the department?
Mao: Next plan is to arrange the recent things we had finished again, and then find out the Maore suitable products for the customer.

During the interview, Director Mao Yijuan has emphasized repeatedly that it is the teamwork of the department which enabled them to finish the task in time. They put the interest of the departmrnt in the first place and worked heartly to finish the same task, neglecting personal interest, which shows us the strong spirit of teamwork in the Advertising Department – an good interperation of TOMTOP Spirit. All the colleagues of the other depatments cheered for them when the Advertising Department has announced that they have finished the target task. The reward — driftage in Qing Yuan is much Maore than a trip, it is also an encouragement to all the other departments. The Advertising Department is an good example we should learn from, and also the one we need to surpass.

Face up to the Deficiency, Take up Your Responsibility

Nothing is perfect! While the Advertising Department announced they had finished the task of the department, there remained two colleagues that were failed to meet their individual tasks. But their attitudes of taking up responsibility and correcting faults actively has been highly recognized by our Chairman Liao. Peng said , “ I’m feel great regret for being unabled to finish my task for the department and sorry for holding our department back. But I wanna to express my great grattitude towards the consideration and help given by our team, especially the cultivation from our Manager Li Xuehua and Director Mao Yijuan. I will bear the anticipation and hope of our leaders in my mind and strive to success next time. ”

Bao also showed his attitude, “It’s my omission for failing to finish my task. I was too optimisted and performed too casually at the beginning to catch up with others. I’m ready to face up to the criticement from our leaders. Although I was failed to finish my task, my team managed it. I feel quite proud of you. I have got a good lesson from this task even if I did not do a good job in this task. I’m sure I can do it well next time because I believe that a man must be a dull fellow to make the same mistake again and I not such a dull person. ”

They failed to meet their goals, but they all willing to join the trip by paying themselves, and their attitude of facing up to the deficiency and taking up their responsibilities has set up a good example for us to learn from.

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