Intelligent life begins from Smart Home

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As for smart home, there are some similar phrases that may be known by people, such as home automation, electronic home / E-home, digital family, home net, network home, intelligent home, etc.

The smart home system includes major subsystems are: home wiring systems, home networking systems, smart home (central) control and management systems, home lighting control systems, home security systems, background music systems (such as TVC flat sound), home theater, and multimedia systems, home environmental control systems such as the eight systems. Among them, the smart home (central) control and management system (including data security management system), home lighting control systems, home security systems is essential systems, home wiring systems, home networking systems, background music systems, home theater, and multimedia systems, home environmental control system is optional systems.

The home security system includes several aspects as follows: video surveillance, intercom systems, access control card, emergency, smoke detection and alarm, gas leak alarms, broken glass detectors, infrared double detection, and alarm, etc.

A smart home system allows you to easily enjoy life. Away from home, you can come through the telephone, remote control your home computer each intelligent systems, such as opening the way home ahead of home air conditioning and water heaters, while home door, with the door sensor or infrared sensors, the system will automatically open aisle lights while open electronic locks, security disarm, turn on home lighting fixtures and curtains greet your return, back home, using the remote control, you can easily control a variety of electrical equipment in the room, you can select a default by the intelligent lighting system lighting scenes, to create a comfortable and quiet when reading the study, bedroom lights create a romantic atmosphere …… all of this, the owner can operate comfortably sit on the sofa, a remote controller can everything at home, such as pulling the curtains, turn on the water for baths and automatically adjust the heating temperature, adjust the curtains, lighting, sound state, kitchen is equipped with videophone, you can while cooking, while receiving a call or check the door visitors, while work in the company, the situation at home can also display on the office computer or mobile phone at any time to see, door machine has to take a photo feature, if there is no one at home when the visitors, the system will take photos for you to come back to check.

The smart home system can automatically control the work of air-conditioning, lighting, audio, and video systems and other equipment through information such as the temperature, humidity, brightness, presence or absence of human activity, sound level, and vibration of the home environment; it can also realize man-machine dialogue through voice interfaces such as smart speakers, control the corresponding equipment through voice; you can also remotely control the equipment at home through the mobile APP, webpage and other methods. Information such as the operating status of home equipment, real-time images, snapshots, and alarms can be fed back to the user’s mobile phone through mobile APPs, etc. so that users can know the situation at home no matter where they are.

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