In the winter, your baby needs these hats to keep warm.

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As we all know, the purpose of wearing a hat is to keep warm and keep out the cold. Infants and young children have poor resistance, and most of the body’s heat is emitted from the head. Therefore, the head becomes a window for the baby to invade the baby. If the head is cold, it is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, in the cold winter or in low temperature environment, it is necessary to wear a hat for the baby.

How to choose a hat for your baby?

The preferred cotton cap, the baby’s skin is very soft, and the ability to adapt to climate change is weak. Choosing a lightweight, soft, breathable and warm hat is the best for them.
The size is suitable for the head circumference. When choosing a hat for the baby, it should be noted that the size of the hat should be 2 cm larger than the head circumference. This is the most suitable size for them. The hat is too big or too small to affect their head development.
Frequently changing the hat, infants and young children have strong sebum secretion. It is easy to breed bacteria, in order to ensure their health, the hat must be cleaned frequently to keep the hat clean.

Which hats are suitable for toddlers?

2pcs Kids Hats Scarf
This 2pcs Kids Hats Scarf is suitable for infants from 0-3 years old. It is made of high quality acrylic fiber knitting yarn. Soft, safe to wear, durable and comfortable. A folded lightweight cap covers the ears for extra warmth. The neck warmer can be easily adjusted to fit the neck or pull up to the face. It fits perfectly with any baby outfit, and the furry ball is worn on the hat to make the baby look more cute. Ideal for keeping your baby warm on cold days or outdoors.

2pcs Toddler Kids Hats Baby Circle Loop Scarf Neck Warmer
Winter Toddler Panda Hat Scarf
This wool warm cat and scarf are designed with a panda face and look very cute. Made from cotton-blend fabric, it is soft and warm. Cute panda face design, chic and stylish. Make baby boys or girls look sweeter and more lovely.

Winter Toddler Girl Boy Cute Panda Hat Scarf Set Fleece Beanie Warm Cap Unisex Two-Piece Set
Unisex Toddlers Babies Scarf
Made from soft stretch fabric, this knit baby hat is warm and comfortable.And  its scarf design and puppies with ears will make your baby look cute and stylish. It’s a great accessory that will soon be your favorite and a good gift for your friends.

Cute Winter Kintted Hat Ear Puppy Caps Unisex Toddlers Babies Scarf Coif Hood One-Piece Warm Children Gifts
Baby Kids Knitted Hat Cute Cherry Bowknot
Cute Cherry Bowknot hats are made from knit fabric and are soft and warm. At the same time, the contrasting design, pompom decoration and soft wool lining make your baby boy or girl sweet and lovely. In cold winter, this is a great cool accessory, come and pick one for your baby.

Baby Kids Knitted Hat Cute Cherry Bowknot Fleece Earflap Hat Children Pompom Cap

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