Huawei Honor 9i Deep Review

Huawei Honor 9i Deep Review


I don’t know if you have found an interesting phenomenon. In this year, almost all of the top mobile phone brands have refocused their attention on the market price of 100 to 200 US dollars. This shows that as the entire mobile phone market enters the inventory period, the competition among brands is intensifying, so it can only occupy market share through cost-effective products, which is undoubtedly one for the online-based brands such as Honor. Kind of pressure. Therefore, Honor directly presented the new Honor 9i.

Speaking of Honor 9i, at the June 6 conference, Honor officially released a “very scary” technology, which is GPU Turbo technology. The technology will land on the Honor 9i in July, which shows Honor’s emphasis on the $145.99 product. Today we will come to experience this product in detail.

I still remember that the last product with i was the Honor 7i released a few years ago. The flip camera design and the advantages in self-timer made many people impressed. And to this time the protagonist Honor 9i, which does not adopt the radical design of Honor 7i, how does Honor 9i perform in this generation? Below we will first understand the product through configuration.

Honor 9i detailed parameters phone model Honor 9i screen size 5.84 inches 19:9 Liu Haiping resolution 2280×1080 processor Hess Kirin 659 processor frequency eight core UP to 2.36GHz body memory 64/128GB running memory 4GB main camera 13 million +200 Megapixel dual camera front camera 16 million body size 149.2mm × 71.8mm × 7.7mm body weight 152g battery 3000 mAh body color night black / charm sea blue / fantasy purple / jasper green operating system EMUI8.0 (Android 8.0 ) Network standard mobile Unicom Telecom 4G/3G/2G

From the overall configuration point of view, the configuration of Honor 9i is basically at the middle level. The Hess Kirin 659 processor is equipped with a storage combination of 4GB+64/128GB. The performance of the fourth level is quite good at the middle level. In addition, the biggest highlight of this product is the 5.84-inch Liu Haiping, which is the only product in the price segment that carries Liu Haiping. In terms of taking pictures, Honor 9i uses a 16 megapixel front lens, which has reached the flagship level from the pixel point of view. As for the actual performance, it will be shared with you later.

Honor 9i detailed evaluation: design

Speaking of the design, since Honor 8, Honor has always had a unique view of the product’s appearance compared to other manufacturers, especially in the choice of product color, while Huawei Honor 9i is the perfect inheritance of the Honor digital series. The design, the actual design and the actual feel of the product may give you the illusion of holding high-end products when you don’t know the price.

▲Honor 9i appearance

As a brand new thousand-dollar flagship, the Honor 9i is equipped with a 5.84-inch bangs screen, complemented by double-sided 2.5D glass, and a new process that gives it a dazzling mirror effect. This time we got the dream purple version of Honor 9i, in addition to this version, Honor 9i also has three colors of charm sea blue, jasper blue, magic night black, each color represents different personality and style.

▲Honor 9i appearance

This Honor 9i uses glass as its body material. The unique texture of glass is quite attractive compared to metal. At the same time, in order to improve the overall texture of the machine, Honor uses a 12-layer nano-scale process to create a unique glare effect. In addition, the middle frame also uses PPVD and laser engraving technology, the transition is more natural, and the feel is better. It can be said that the quality of Honor 9i is the best in its class.

▲Honor 9i appearance

Thanks to the 19:9 Liu Haiping, the components of the Honor 9i’s forehead are very compact. The round earpieces, integrated sensors and 16 megapixel front camera are arranged in sequence.

▲Honor 9i appearance

As the only pattern on the front of the fuselage, Honor’s logo is printed on the chin part of the fuselage. In addition, the built-in virtual buttons are one of the designs that Honor phones have always insisted on, and there is nothing wrong with ease of use.

▲Honor 9i

On the back of the fuselage, the Honor 9i uses the back fingerprint recognition module, while the dual camera module is placed in the upper left corner of the fuselage. In terms of parameters, Honor 9i uses a 13 million + 2 megapixel lens group, of which 2 million pixel lens is used as a sub-photograph, responsible for depth of field monitoring and background blur.

▲Honor 9i

This Honor 9i still retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, which further facilitates the user’s need for headphones. At the same time, the Mirco-USB interface is also very compatible with most of the current devices.

▲Honor 9i appearance

As a brand new Haoyuan flagship of Honor, Honor 9i is equipped with a 5.84-inch bangs screen. The full-faced double-sided 2.5D glass body with 7.7mm body thickness makes it a dazzling mirror effect. At the same time, the feel is quite good, it can be said that Honor 9i does have certain advantages in the same level of products.

Honor 9i detailed evaluation: photo section

When it comes to taking pictures, the Honor 9i is equipped with a 13-megapixel + 2 megapixel dual-camera, of which 13 million are responsible for imaging, while 2 million pixels are responsible for depth of field monitoring and background blur. In addition, Honor 9i’s biggest bright spot is the 16 megapixel front lens. According to the information I have learned, this front lens has a very useful technology. Let’s talk nonsense. Let’s take a look at it.

▲Honor 9i

According to the official information, Honor 9i’s front 16 megapixel lens intelligently aggregates 4 pixels into a large pixel collection point with a photosensitive area of ​​up to 2.0 μm in low light conditions. This can effectively improve the brightness level of the imaged image, and further, it is a significant improvement in the self-photographing ability of the dark light. To this end, the author has done some tests. At the same time, in order to let everyone feel the difference more clearly, we randomly found another product of the same level as a comparison model for testing.

Huawei Honor 9i how to Honor 9i depth evaluation thousand yuan machine game machine

▲ ordinary dark environment

In this group of samples, the author ran into the dimly lit room for testing. It can be seen that when the light is even less, the contrast model can only increase the brightness of the picture by raising the ISO, but the noise is increased and the picture is blurred. In contrast, Honor 9i performs well. Under the high-sensitivity blessing, the loss of the entire image quality is not particularly high, and the beauty aspect has not fallen, and the entire face is clear and shiny.

▲ extreme dark environment

In the last set of comparisons, the author specially selected an environment with extremely low light. In this environment, both the Honor 9i and the contrast model must complete the self-timer by starting the screen fill function, and the actual proof effect can be It is seen that there is a clear gap between the two products in terms of sensitization. Compared to the comparison model, the Honor 9 achieves an acceptable effect with a simple screen fill light. This latitude also shows the advantage of 2.0μm.

▲ Fun AR

Of course, in addition to providing excellent solutions for self-timer, Honor 9i also has built-in “fun AR” function. By integrating with AR technology, Honor’s fun AR camera can intelligently identify people and then correspondingly according to user’s choice. Rendering, the actual experience of this feature is still quite interesting.

After finishing the front, let’s take a look at the actual performance of the monkey after the double shot:

In the case of sufficient light, the actual imaging capabilities of the Honor 9i are still worthy of recognition. It can be seen that the color and brightness of the whole picture are relatively good. It can be said that as a mobile phone with a price of only 1399 yuan, it is worthy of recognition.

At night and indoor performance can also meet the actual needs, you can see that in the night proofs, Honor 9i performance in the picture purity and light and dark details are quite good. However, in terms of overall brightness, Honor 9i’s night proofs will be somewhat dark, of course, this is also a compromise to ensure nighttime picture quality.

Honor 9i detailed evaluation: system part

On the system side, the Honor 9i is powered by EMUI 8.0, which was redesigned based on Android 8.0. Although the latest EMUI 8.1 is not used, Honor 9i based on EMUI 8.0 has many highlights in terms of design and function compared to other products. Below I will share with you the highlights of Honor 9i that are recommended in the system.

▲EMUI 8.0

First of all, as a high-value product, Honor 9i took the lead in applying the design of Liu Haiping in the thousand yuan machine. Although many small partners can say that they love and hate Liu Haiping, it is undeniable that Liu Haiping is effectively improving the screen occupation. At the same time, it does increase the value of the machine a lot.

▲Honor 9i stays in the sea screen

Of course, in order to meet the needs of users, Honor 9i can adjust the display of the upper bangs area. If you don’t like Liu Haiping, no problem, just set the hidden display area in the settings, you can set the screen to normal 18: 9 full screen. This way of returning options to users is worth learning by all vendors.

▲You can adjust the sea area according to user needs.

In terms of the function of the system, in addition to the various functions that are familiar to everyone, the author most praises the voice function of EMUI 8.0. Compared with the voice function of other homes, the voice function of EMUI8.0 can be said to be more comprehensive.

▲EMUI 8.0 voice assistant demo

For example, if the author wants to open an app, just press and hold the home button to call up the voice interface, and then say “I want to open XXX”, the voice assistant will automatically open it for you. In addition, you can also directly speak through the voice where you want to go, or what to do, EMUI voice assistant can directly find what you need, it can be said that it is very convenient.

▲ voice assistant also has translation function

In addition, the voice assistant also supports real-time translation function, just need to say what you want to say, the voice assistant will automatically translate to the corresponding voice, and read it directly. This feature is undoubtedly convenient for small partners who often travel abroad.

In general, Honor 9i maintains Honor’s system-quality experience. Both the design and the functional aspects are quite mature, and at the same time, under the blessing of the intelligent voice assistant, Honor 9i can become more intelligent.

Honor 9i detailed evaluation: performance

In terms of configuration, Honor 9i adopts the Hess Kirin 659 processor, adopts 16nm process technology, and the working frequency is up to 2.36 GHz. The GPU is Mali T830-MP2, and the overall performance is relatively balanced. Although not using a more powerful processor, the actual performance of the HiSilicon 659 can be combined with performance and power control, so that Honor 9i can get good endurance performance.

At the same time, in addition to the advantage of dark night shooting, in July, Honor 9i will also receive the “very scary” technology of “GPU Turbo”, according to the official introduction, this technology will let Honor 9i In the game of the king Honor, Jedi survival: stimulate the battlefield and other games to achieve an average frame rate increase of more than 30% / 74.5%, bringing a better quality gaming experience.

Regarding the performance of GPU Turbo, we will post a special article for everyone to read in detail after the update, so stay tuned. So next, let’s take a look at the actual performance.

▲Antu rabbit running points

In the Antu rabbit benchmark test, Honor 9i’s test score was 87,518 points, in line with the comprehensive performance of Hess Kirin 659. Although this score is not to be particularly brilliant, but such scores can already meet the vast majority of users’ needs. In order to further test the comprehensive performance, the author also tried to stimulate the battlefield.

From the actual measurement of the game, in terms of current performance, under the premise of not adding GPU Turbo technology, Honor 9i has no problem with the game of Honor and the battlefield. And this also makes the author look forward to GPU Turbo technology online.

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