Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector

Honeywell cooperates with Xiaomi for the first time, pushing the first home alarm


With the development of society and the improvement of economic conditions, more and more households use electricity, users, and gas, which increases the probability of fire. Nowadays, neighbors, especially urban multi-storey and high-rise buildings, are relatively closed to each other, especially in the event of a fire in the day, which is difficult to find at an early stage. The emergence of smart products makes early detection of family fires possible, and can use Internet technology to quickly notify relevant personnel.

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In the fire, the most likely cause of casualties is smoke. At the same time, because home decoration uses a large amount of flammable and flammable materials, it is also the most likely to cause smoke. Therefore, smoke detectors, which were originally only used in high-end civil buildings, are now very suitable for use in the home.

Green Rice recently launched a Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector for smart homes jointly, a world-famous intelligent building manufacturer. Since fire protection products require certification, it is a shortcut to cooperate with qualified manufacturers. I am very fortunate to have this product, let’s share the feeling of using it below.

[Green rice smoke alarm]

Because the smoke alarm is to be used in conjunction with the Xiaomi multi-function gateway, it is 2 products. On the left is the multi-function gateway, and on the right is the smoke alarm.

First look at the smoke alarm, which has a circular main unit, mounting plate, sticker, battery, two screws and expansion bolts, instructions.

The battery needs to be installed before the test. The battery is disposable. It can be used for 5 years according to the normal conditions (I understand that it is not an alarm). The pallet is for easy installation. The pallet is fixed first, and then the smoke alarm is attached to the pallet by using a buckle. The pallet can be selected by screw fixing or self-adhesive.

Since the product is new, it is strongly recommended that you install and remove the pallet several times before the official installation. It is best to wipe the lubricant, otherwise it will be difficult to get stuck.

The multi-function gateway is relatively simple, a host, and a manual. The shape of the main unit is also circular.

The gateway is powered by 220V, with three plugs at the bottom and a large number of vents.

The multi-function gateway needs to be configured first. Plug the gateway into the tow line and follow the instructions to flash the yellow light.

Smart products, mobile phone installation app seems to be necessary at present, download and install the Mijia app, add a multi-function gateway inside, follow the instructions.

After installation, upgrade the firmware as usual.

It seems to be very smooth, but it is not. In the process of adding, how to find and find the gateway. Later, I thought about it. In the process of adding, the mobile phone prompts for location information, and I instinctively refused. Is it necessary to add a gateway to report me there? So the project was changed to allow, and it was added smoothly.

It is very uncomfortable to not tell you where you are, and there is no hint.

Get started and get ready to install in the kitchen.

Plug the gateway into the wall socket of the kitchen, it looks very good, that is, both sockets are occupied.

The first time I used this gateway, I found that there is a lantern function, setting different colors, and playing Internet music.

Looking at a few colors, it’s quite interesting. As for the sound, the volume is OK, the sound quality is very mediocre, listening to the news is good, even if you listen to music.

The following is the key smoke alarm. For the test, stick it under the hood. This position is not recommended for everyone to place. At the same time, it is recommended that you install the ceiling. As shown in this figure, this is not the standard installation method.

Then add a smoke alarm in the app, because the smoke alarm is communicating with the gateway, so add a sub-device under the gateway, and then follow the instructions, it is easy to add it.

The multi-function gateway can be set to act in conjunction with a smoke detector alarm, which sets an alarm to turn the lights on and send notifications.

There is a setting in the app, you can set the installation position of the smoke alarm, divided into three different scenes, in fact, the sensitivity of the alarm, since in the kitchen, I set it in the kitchen, and then wait. However, there was no warning when cooking, even if I changed to a smoke-free area, it seems that my family’s cooking method is still very healthy.

So, then you will get real smoke and see how it works.

This time, the alarm was sounded. The smoke alarm sounded a harsh sound, and the gateway also sounded an alarm and the light flashed.

To stop the alarm, you must manually press the button on the smoke alarm to ensure that the alarm event is processed. At the same time, the switch must be pressed on the gateway to stop the flashing of the light.

It is said that the sound is very harsh. It took only a few seconds for the neighbor to ask what happened.

There are also corresponding notifications and records in the app, but there is no message popping up on the phone.

[Total feelings]

First of all, in terms of the function of the smoke detector, the installation is simple, the setting is easy, and the reaction is normal.

Three different environments can be set from the app, which is more flexible. However, if the three environments can be manually switched on site, or set the time period to different environments, it would be fine. For example, the cooking time can be set to the kitchen mode, but after cooking or kitchen mode, the sensitivity is reduced.

The linkage of intelligent alarm is very important. It can be sound and light alarm associated with the multi-function network, and theoretically it can also be linked with other devices, but unfortunately there are no other devices, and there is no other device list that supports linkage, so it cannot be here. sure. Because, for example, the millet bracelet in the list, it is impossible to set the vibration when the smoke alarm is alarmed.

There are indeed notices and records, but the phone did not receive notifications.

The description of the product is still relatively simple, and the APP is the same. From the supportable list and architecture seen by the APP, it seems that it can be done very well, but it feels that it is still in its infancy and there is still a lot of room for development.

Smart homes have been tepid in the past two years. How to break through the bottleneck and occupy the market, or to start from just need, family safety is undoubtedly the top priority. At this point, I have to say that the Mi family has come out of a practical step. The Mijia ecological chain is a big net, and its vitality and expansion are really awesome.

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