How to protect your car from damage in winter

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Winter is a season that bothers people, especially for drivers. On the one hand, it often snows in winter, snowing and serious snow accumulation poses a great problem for vehicle maintenance. On the other hand, when driving on the road, not only be wary of the ice and snow on the ground, but also be careful of the vehicles and pedestrians passing by. So in such weather conditions, how to maintain the car?

1. Use a professional tool to sweep snow

When your car is covered by the university, be sure to use professional tools to clean the snow. Also, avoid using hot water when cleaning, because hot water will cause cracking in the paint temperature. Also do not use a wiper to clean it directly, as this may damage the wiper motor and may damage the wiper blade. The best way is to use Car Windshield Snow Cover.This windshield snow cover is designed with 5 powerful magnets for rugged weather conditions. It is waterproof, dustproof, tear resistant and UV resistant. It protects cars from UV, rain, dust, dirt, snow, ice, etc.

Car Windshield Snow Cover Window Cover 210x120cm Sunshade Snow Covers

If you don’t use a glass cover, then this Snow Brush Ice Scraper Windshield Brush is also a good choice. The ice scraper is made of high quality ABS material, durable, resistant to high and low temperatures and corrosion resistant. Soft bristles help to remove ice and snow without damaging the glass. And the foam handle and ergonomic design make the ice scraper comfortable and easy to operate.

Snow Brush Ice Scraper Windshield Brush Broom Shovel

2. The lights and windows should be protected

When the car is driving at night, the lights will work all the time, and heat will be generated. This will melt the snow falling on the lights or the mud spots splashing on the lights. It will freeze the next day, maybe Will damage the lights, in order to avoid, we have to choose to wipe the lights clean after stopping the car! If there is snow in the front windshield, be sure to clean it.

If the wiper is frozen on the windshield by the snowboard, do not rinse directly with hot water. This can easily cause the window to burst due to temperature changes and wiper deformation. The correct method should be to turn the air conditioner to hot air, the blower mode is the front windshield, and the wiper naturally opens.

3. After heavy snow, don’t ignore the problem of cleaning the car

Because even if the car is covered with snow, it is still impossible to completely remove the erosion of the paint remaining on the paint. In addition, snow in the road area also has a corrosive effect on the tires. If not cleaned in time, it is easy to change the original physical properties of the tire and accelerate aging. After washing the car, it is best to ask the car wash shop to dry the car to prevent door seams, window slits and mirrors from freezing.

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