What Should I Pay Attention To When I Using A Car Charger?

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With the advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, most families will buy a car. Everyone has a smartphone. The battery of a smartphone is easy to run out of. When we travel, we will bring a power bank, but if we are driving when traveling, you don’t need to bring a power bank, because there is a car charger in the car, and this car charger is already used by most car owners. Under normal circumstances, the role of the car charger is to convert the 12V voltage of the car cigarette lighter socket (12V for cars, 24V for trucks) into 5V USB voltage, and then the power cord can be connected to charge the mobile phone. The characteristics are low power consumption, simplicity and convenience, and cheap. This configuration is simple in structure and easy to use, but the improper operation can cause damage to electronic equipment and cause danger. So what should I pay attention to in the process of using it?

The car charger transfers to other devices that need to be charged through the USB output port or other interfaces. The car cigarette lighter is used as a power socket to directly charge the mobile phone. It generally has overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, and quadruple protection, so you can use it with confidence.

To buy a regular brand, certified car charger, you will feel at ease when you use it. For example, this BC67 Bluetooth 5.0 Car Charger is a very good car charger that is worth buying.

It is best not to use the car charger before starting the car, or connect the power supply to the mobile phone because the car generates a high-power current when starting, which damages the car charger and mobile phone.

Do not throw, drop, knock or shake the car charger at will during use. Especially in summer when the car is exposed to the sun and the temperature inside the car is higher than 45 degrees, do not use the charger for the time being, as this will seriously damage the circuit board inside the car charger.

The car charger is an electronic device. During use, the car owner should not leave it in a humid environment for a long time to avoid different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to the internal electronic components. If you accidentally sprinkle water on the charger while driving, the device should be removed and wiped dry immediately.

After the vehicle is turned off, the car charger should be unplugged and placed. If it is plugged into the power interface for a long time, the contact part between the two may be corrupted and difficult to remove. After the car is turned off, continue to use the cigarette lighter to charge, although 80% of the cars stop the power supply after the key is removed, so the engine stops supplying power to the battery after the fire is turned off, and the cigarette lighter will directly draw power from the battery. Electric appliances are larger than the battery capacity, and the battery is easily exhausted.

When the car charger becomes dirty after being used for a long time, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, or strong detergents to clean the charger. This will damage the car charger. Use a wet paper towel to wipe it and dry it before use.

The above precautions are all done, then your car charger can serve you for a long time.

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